Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twyla on Tuesday

Hello Friends!
You know how I love to share my collections and vintage finds with you and I
am so behind!  I've found the most beautiful plates in the last few weeks that were very inexpensive for as pretty as they were.
This beautiful image is on a plate.

Here is the plate.  Made in England.

This is another plate made in Bavaria.

I absolutely love this plate with the roses!  Made in Bavaria also.

This little saucer is Dresden.
  Purchased for a pittance.
I am going to get plate hangers and hang them on the wall.

You remember my vintage potholder collection from last week, well, I found
another one this week!  I thought it was unusual because they'd used black yarn.
A very sophisticated little potholder!

This was my favorite find yesterday at the antique store we went to.  I love these motto
prints and some of the prettiest ones are to Mother.
The graphics are so pretty and the carved wood frame was in great shape!

Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me share some of my treasures with you.
The paper that we used for the background was by Sassafras called Nerdy Bird and this paticular design was 'Sprightly'.
Wishing you much happiess!


Alecia Justice said...

Those plates are so lovely. I especially like the rose plate. I collect vintage potholders, my favorite being the embroidered or the little dresses. Thank you for sharing your vintage treasures.


Penny said...

What wonder pieces you found - I love all your new plates, esp. the rose one.


Sarita Boyette said...

These plates are so pretty - I know you will make an eye-catching display of them on the wall.Love the little potholder and the picture as well.

Florence and Mary said...

Oooh such pretty plates!

Victoria xx

Lisa said...

Great plates!

Protector of Vintage said...

Love your recents "finds," especially the china!!

~~Carol~~ said...

Twyla, those plates are just stunning, especially the one with the cottage in the background and the one with the lantern! Love the Mother print too. I've started a little collection of them, and now I can't pass them up!

Melody said...

Hi Twyla!
Someone must've really had a magazine or something with black and cream/white for potholders and doilies. Around here in the Greater Cincinnati...Oh/KY/In... we have seen an increase in that color combo for vintage textiles...even hankies with the tatting on the edge. Love those plates especially the one with the cottage.
Just wanted to ask if you heard about Market Monday? It's next May 3rd (first Mon. of every month)and you guys can link to it with your selling sites. You can check it out over at my Blog.
Hope you're having a wonderful springy day!
...friends stitched together by embroidery threads and some craft glue......

angela said...


Nan said...

Oh I love all those beautiful plates.

Cora said...

Love all your finds. I have a plate collection on the wall in my dining room! These are all beautiful!

Lisa said...

How super awesome! I love them! Thanks for Sharing!
Happy Tuesday!
Hugs, Lisa

Kelly said...

Very pretty! You have such pretty collections!

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Your first photo really caught my attention because I have two plates with this pattern on them. They are almost square shaped with a gold trim. They belonged to my mother and we used them all the time at home.

Lovely to see that other people appreciate these lovely timeless pieces! Hugs, Carol xoxo

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Beautiful..I really love the plate with big roses and the little doily. Enjoy your week! ♥


Hi Friends,
Love your plates. I have a dish that matches the first plate!
Rained last night and it's all green and pretty today.
Deb :)

Ginger said...

I just loooooove the plates, so beautiful and unusual. I am a sucker for anything with roses on it too. Thanks for sharing with me.


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Now look whos late! That might happen a bit more often in the days to come!

Love the rose plate! very pretty! ♥

GardenofDaisies said...

Twyla, the plates you found are so pretty! I especially love the framed Mother poem. Almost Mary Engelbreit-like.