Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Saturday Finds

As many of you all know we love to spend our Saturdays at flea markets and yesterday was no different. We had such a wonderful time yesterday and found many goodies to show for it!

This was from a bag full of vintage ric rac. As we were checking out we had many women around us looking at our arm fulls of stuff and the lady in front of us saw this and exclaimed "What a treasure!" That always makes me feel good when someone else thinks I've found a treasure too!

Oh, I thought the dress pattern is one of the most prettiest ones I've ever seen.

We hit the vintage card jackpot yesterday!

Here is one of the many sweet cards we found.

I spotted this box filled with vintage cards!

Here are the cards that was inside the box. A lovely collection of them with glitter detail.

This poodle planter will look lovely with Mom's (Twyla's) collection of planters.

I am slowly building a collection of vintage linens and this is one I had to have for my collection.

Isn't this fabric gorgeous?!

It's from this beautiful vintage apron I found yesterday!

There is something so appealing about a box filled with ribbon. Don't you think?

I found a bag filled with these little bits of cut outs to make these little cups.

Also in the bag were these vintage Easter cards!

I saw the name of this book and knew it was coming home with me. How funny!

The ladies checking us out at the flea market and the women in the steadily growing lines behind us were not real thrilled with having to wait while every one of these cards were added up separately but we just kept finding more and more of these around the flea market in different booths.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Saturday finds!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Lindsey and Twyla

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here is my exciting new piece to add to my vintage Barbie collection!

This is Skipper's Dream Room. It came out in 1964.

I love it so much. The colors and details are amazing.

This little settee on the side for Skipper is so cute!

This is just one of the amazing sets from the dream collection. In 1963 The New Barbie Dream House came out and then 1964 there was the Dream Kitchen Dinette which is beautiful and Skipper's Dream Room.

These 3 pieces are made from very sturdy cardboard and are some of the most highly collectible house's.

Which was easy for me to see why when I received it.

The bed has a cute bedspread, several pillows and a dust ruffle!

This adorable desk with mat and 2 cardboard magazines. It comes with a TV and record player but unfortunately they both were covered in tape.

The chairs are cute but extremely sturdy. Both Barbie and Skipper could sit in them with out any problems.

On each side of the walls there are pictures of bookshelves which haves pictures of Barbie and Midge.

I love this table with what I believe is a replica of The Skipper Board Game ready to play!

On each side of the bed are 2 half tables. Perfect for holding Skipper's hairbrushes!

Here is Skipper sitting on her vanity chair. The vanity is on the other side of the bed next to a huge closet!

I'm jealous! I think we all would have loved to have had a bedroom like this when we were little! I guess that's why it's called her dream room!

Above Skipper's bed is a collection of photo's that slide in and out so that they can be arranged.

Here is Skipper's large closet. There's not a bar in there to hang the clothes so I am assuming it was mostly meant to be for storing her furniture when folded up.

After I bought this I found this ad on ebay too. I thought it would be a wonderful addition for this piece.

Here is what the room looks like folded up. It's really amazing how little it becomes because when it's spread out it's huge!

On the back of this ad I discovered that there was another Barbie ad on the back.

I would love to have that Bunk bed to put in Skipper's Dream room!

I hope you enjoyed stopping by and seeing my new treasure!

Wishing you wonderful day, Lindsey

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I showed you quilts that my grandma Opal had made, out of necessity to keep her family warm. This week I wanted to introduce you to my other grandmother, my dad’s mom.

She was a tall woman with red hair piled high on her head. When you went to visit her she could tell you the last time you stepped foot in her house. She liked to drink RC cola. She had a thing for white cats. She went through a succession of white cats over the years and I don’t think I ever knew when one was gone and the next came along because she named each one Fluffy. Her favorite colors were purple and yellow – together. I still cannot see that color combination without thinking of her.

We lost Grandma Ruth in 1985. One day a few years later I was looking through a magazine article showing cookie jars. One jar in particular stabbed at my heart. I thought why is that one so familiar? It dawned on me, after thinking and talking with my mom, that it was one that my Grandma had. It was just there on a shelf. Never saw her use it. If I hadn’t been an observant child, I wouldn’t have even noticed it.

That cookie jar became a symbol for me as a reminder of my grandmother. I don’t know what ever happened to hers, but I longed to have one. It pulled at my heartstrings.

For my birthday a couple of years ago, Lindsey found me one on ebay and surprised me with it. It is now one of my favorite possessions.

The pretty plates that are decorating this post are my tea trivet collection that I wanted to show. My cousin collected tea trivets and I was always looking in the flea markets for them and I would surprise her with one when she came for a visit. When she decided she had enough, (yes, we’re related) I couldn’t stop looking for them. So now, I get the prettiest ones I can find and have started my own collection.

We are getting a terrible ice storm right now so please wish us luck!

Wishing you much happiness! Twyla