Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is one of my favorite books! It's called Barbie Millicent Roberts. It's a collection of photographs of vintage Barbies wearing the most iconic outfits of her wardrobe.

The photos are beautiful and I love the size of this big book.

This beautiful gown is called "Campus Sweetheart" #1616 from 1965. It was used for one of last year's vintage reproduction sets using an American Girl Barbie.

I found this magazine on ebay last week. It's the very first issue of an annual magazine printed in the mid sixties.

The Barbie on the cover is wearing the gorgeous dress called "Sophisticated Lady" #993 from 1964.

I was looking through one of my Barbie booklet's when I saw an an ad for a Barbie magazine. So I was very excited to find several issues on ebay! Something else now that I must collect!

I love the introduction to this magazine. How fun it must have been to be a little girl reading this magazine!

This is an outfit I hope to add to my collection soon.
It's called "Cinderella Rich" #0872. It is one of the outfits from a collection of theater costumes. They also have one called"Cinderella Poor" #0872.
I have always loved the story of Cinderella and I would love to have a display with these gowns and some of the vintage Cinderella books I've collected.

I hope you enjoyed your stop by today. Hopefully next week I will have something very exciting to show you that I have found for my collection!


Marie Reed said...

What a peachy post! Have you seen the new collectors Hitchcock Barbie?

Pearl said...

How exciting for you to find Barbie Magazines! I liked the photo of her standing in the field of tulips... so pretty! Ohhhh... I ♥ the Vintage Valentine with the watercolor paint set... tooooo adorable!!

I enjoyed the posts Holly did for you and Twyla... so sweet of her... And, am loving all of the wonderful creations in your Etsy shop, too... Have a Fun Barbie Wednesday... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Holly said...

Aw, what fun and gorgeous stuff!

I heart you, Lindsey ... "because you know the world is a wonderful place and you are part of it!"


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
I would have loved that Barbie magazine as a child. I would probably still love it now. I hope you find the cinderella outfit and many more magazines to add to your lovely collection.
I look forward to next Barbie Wednesday and to finding out what you will be showing us then.

Queenie~ said...

I loved Barbie when I was a little girl...I had a suitcase full of them, but unfortunately they were lost during a move, when I was a teenager. I would have never parted with my collection or the beautiful clothing and accessories I had for her....this was a fun post...thanks for bringing back a piece of my childhood...

Heidi Ann said...

Hey Lindsey! I never knew about that Barbie magazine, either. How totally cool is that? I love the picture of "Barbie In Holland" among the flowers!

Happy @ Home said...

I always learn so much about Barbie when I visit you on Wednesday. So interesting and I love today's Valentine too.

Becca said...

Oh thank you again. I had a subscription to Barbie Magazine in the 60's. I would spend hours reading it. I remember trying to pose my dolls like the ones in the pictures. I couldn't wait for the new issues.

KatCollects said...

Hi Lindsey,
Another great post, and cute valentine : ) I hope you have a great day.

TattingChic said...

Those Barbie photos are fabulous! :)

Vintage Tea said...

I had to stop collecting Barbies and sell my collection due to lack of storage so I really should invest in some lovely Barbie books as they're wonderful to look at.

Victoria xx