Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

There's someone spooky in our house. Can you tell who it is?

Don't be too frightened. It's just me as a witch, but I'm a good witch. My son is a Twilight style vampire.

Lindsey is an old style vampire. She is getting the table ready with all our snacks. Lindsey and I made chili and we served chips and dips and french fries for anyone who wanted to make chili cheese fries. Not to mention the cauldron of candy!

We always take lots of pictures during our parties. That's half the fun. Many of them are too silly to share. We ate too much and played games. The night was over before we knew it.

We wish for all of you a safe and fun Halloween! Twyla and Lindsey

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Barbie Wednesday

Wouldn't you like to be Barbie for Halloween? I would if I had the body for this dress! This costume is of the popular vintage dress, "Solo in the Spotlight". I love how this costume comes with a wrist band like the old Barbies had!

Of course if you were going to be Barbie, then your husband would have to be Ken! This Ken looks more like he is from the seventies to me, with his hairstyle. He has cool armband, too!

This is Barbie, Ken and Skipper's first Masquerade party costumes. From 1963, Barbie's costume is called, "Masquerade" #944.

When I think of Halloween I can't help but think about my favorite old television shows like Bewitched. Mattel created a beautiful doll that I think really captures Elizabeth Montgomery's beauty!

I also love The Munsters! I received this wonderful set for Christmas one year and it is one of my favorite Barbies! I love how beautiful they made Lily!

The Addams Family was never a show I ever saw on tv when I was younger so I can't say whether I like them or not. From the little I have seen they are fairly cute! Mattel created a gift set for this duo and I must say that they did a really nice job and I hope to add this set to my collection some day.

Here is this year's Halloween Barbie.

Wishing you a wonderfully spooky week, Lindsey

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Twyla Tuesday

Hello my dear friends! Allow me to introduce you to my new girls.

On a weekend trip to a flea market I ran into some of the cutest, sweetest little figurines I've ever had the pleasure of finding.

This one is a little granny with glasses on.

I bought this birthday angel for my mom who's birthday is in January. It's by Lefton.

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Christmas is now less than two months away. It's a time that makes for very busy days and we have to do decide between the want-to-do's and the need-to-do's. This Friday night we'll have our annual Halloween party. This year I am going to be a witch. I found my costume by getting pieces from thrift stores and flea markets. We'll be sure to take pictures and if they're not too embarrassing I'll share them with you ;)

Lindsey and I are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas season and we are already busy at work on some projects that we will share with you soon.

Most of you probably know that Lindsey has her own scrapbooking blog called Lindsey's Paper Scraps. I am really excited about her latest post. It is her first tutorial and I think she did a wonderful job! Do go check it out and let her know what you think of her cute creation.

I just want to mention a dear friend of ours named Sarita. Some of you may have seen her name in our comment section, she doesn't have a blog, but emails me now and then. She has been very sick with pneumonia and even hospitalized. She is just not getting over it and I am very worried about her. I would like to ask all our dear readers to keep Sarita in your prayers.

Have a wonderful and safe week! Happy Halloween! Twyla

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have a great weekend!

Feel free to use these cute images!

Hope you're all having a fun weekend, Twyla and Lindsey

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Barbie Wednesday

A few posts ago I had someone tell me they found the Little Red Riding Hood Barbie at Tuesday Morning. I have been looking for her ever since! I knew that if I got desperate I could buy her online but I wanted to find her at Tuesday Morning's cheap price. So last weekend I finally found her!!!

She's a couture version of Little Red Riding Hood!

The Back of the box reads:

Why, Little Red,

What a great big, wonderful

fashion sense you have!

The Better to be fabulous in, my dear!

The most delicious goodies

Little Red has for Granny?

Sweet styles! No wonder why the wolf

adores this couture cutie.

I received my newest Barbie catalog yesterday!

Not only are these catalogs nice to look through and order from, but you could cut out Barbie for altered art! You can order the free catalog at

It's most interesting on the first page is this giant Barbie Mannequin. She is the only one available and costs $3,000.00.

The custom made chair which you see in both photos is exactly like the one in Barbie's Malibu house. This lovely chair sells for $7,800.00. And who wouldn't want a three-foot tall pink poodle? There are only two of these poodles available to own for $2,000.00

I happened upon this new Barbie Loves T3 hair dryer. It's sold at Bloomingdales. Mattel really has came out with everything this year! I wonder what they will come out with next?!

Wishing you a great day, Lindsey

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We had so much fun this weekend joining Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist in her Halloween Celebration. I would like to thank everyone who visited our post and left comments on it. It means so much to us that our efforts were appreciated.

One of the items that was mentioned quite a bit in the comments was this pincushion I made.

I found these cute pins and thought 'What kind of pincushion would a witch use?' So, I came up with this.
I enjoyed creating it so much that I decided to design another one. I found this wonderful tea-dyed muslin at JoAnn's and we stamped the designs on them. I think it makes a really cute pincushion.

Sunday, we went to Silver Dollar City and had the best time at their Fall Festival. There were craft booths set up around the park. All of the art work was so beautiful and interesting. Here is a picture of Jordan and myself at our favorite booth.

This woman and her husband create these beautiful wood carved houses. You'll have to click on the picture to see them close up. They were so enchanting.

The man explained how he carves them out of dead cottonwood and he was working on some while we were there.

Of course, we kept coming back until we had to get some for ourselves.

Believe me, it was hard to choose between them!

I would love to have a whole village. I can just imagine the little gnomes that would live in little houses like these.

We had so much fun. Silver Dollar City is a wonderful place to visit and this is my favorite time of year to go there.

Besides all the fun I had this weekend, I had a terrible toothache on Saturday that resulted in me going to the dentist Monday morning and getting the tooth pulled. I spent most of the day sleeping. The laughing gas made me very drowsy. I am doing much better now.
I hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful week. I look forward to visiting each of you soon! Twyla

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Bewitching Halloween Party

"Come in." She said in a creaky voice.

"You must be here for Miss Vanessa's Halloween Party. Step into my Witches Parlor."

"It will soon be dark outside. That howling wind will chill you to the bone." She cackled.

"Won't you have some tea? What? You aren't thirsty? Come now, don't be afraid. I mean you no harm."

"These are my effects. I use them to concoct my potions and deeds. I don't mean them for evil."

"It would be nice to have some company tonight for it will soon be so dark that I won't be able to see the wart at the end of my nose."

"Can I talk you into staying awhile? Maybe I could convince you."

"The old ghosts still walk and the ghouls roam. I think you will be safer inside, don't you?"

"I know there are many parties to attend. These affairs of Vanessa's are renown."

"We'll see what a spell she spins over us. Yes, she's a clever one, indeed."

"I'd like to thank you for stopping by and making my party special."

"I must warn you to be careful and bundle up on your way."

"Watch out for those who might not be so friendly."

"Come back when you get the chance. I'd love to sit a spell with you again."

Best Witches, Twyla and Lindsey