Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here is my exciting new piece to add to my vintage Barbie collection!

This is Skipper's Dream Room. It came out in 1964.

I love it so much. The colors and details are amazing.

This little settee on the side for Skipper is so cute!

This is just one of the amazing sets from the dream collection. In 1963 The New Barbie Dream House came out and then 1964 there was the Dream Kitchen Dinette which is beautiful and Skipper's Dream Room.

These 3 pieces are made from very sturdy cardboard and are some of the most highly collectible house's.

Which was easy for me to see why when I received it.

The bed has a cute bedspread, several pillows and a dust ruffle!

This adorable desk with mat and 2 cardboard magazines. It comes with a TV and record player but unfortunately they both were covered in tape.

The chairs are cute but extremely sturdy. Both Barbie and Skipper could sit in them with out any problems.

On each side of the walls there are pictures of bookshelves which haves pictures of Barbie and Midge.

I love this table with what I believe is a replica of The Skipper Board Game ready to play!

On each side of the bed are 2 half tables. Perfect for holding Skipper's hairbrushes!

Here is Skipper sitting on her vanity chair. The vanity is on the other side of the bed next to a huge closet!

I'm jealous! I think we all would have loved to have had a bedroom like this when we were little! I guess that's why it's called her dream room!

Above Skipper's bed is a collection of photo's that slide in and out so that they can be arranged.

Here is Skipper's large closet. There's not a bar in there to hang the clothes so I am assuming it was mostly meant to be for storing her furniture when folded up.

After I bought this I found this ad on ebay too. I thought it would be a wonderful addition for this piece.

Here is what the room looks like folded up. It's really amazing how little it becomes because when it's spread out it's huge!

On the back of this ad I discovered that there was another Barbie ad on the back.

I would love to have that Bunk bed to put in Skipper's Dream room!

I hope you enjoyed stopping by and seeing my new treasure!

Wishing you wonderful day, Lindsey


Pearl said...

~swoons 'n faints~

Ohhhh Lindsey... What an Awesome find! This is by far my most favorite "Barbie" post, yet! I just Love♥ all of it... I gasped when I saw the teenie-tiny Barbie doll with Skipper... and, how neat is it that you found the Vintage advertising for everything?! I really liked the advertised chaise lounge, too! Just a major sensory overload of CUTEness! Thanks, as always, for sharing... I'm loving the daily Vintage Valentine's as well... Perfect in every way... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Holly said...

Oh my goodness! I'm swooning with Pearl! :> Dream room for sure! Love the little hearts wall paper! Love it all! How fun! I'm so happy you found it, Lindsey! Can Pearl and I come over and play? ;>

Well, I think Skipper should have a pole in her closet- don't you? ;> Or would that take away from the value of the original piece?

Oh, and the puppy sailors are totally sweeeeet! ♥

When you have time, can you e mail me and tell me how you're scanning/photographing them? And be sure and let me know if you want copies of any of the ones Deb gave me.

~ ♥ ♥ ~

Vintage Tea said...

Isn't Skippys room fabulous, now where can I get some of that heart patterned wallpaper!!!

Victoria xx

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
Skippers Dream Room is wonderful. I love how it still has all the accessories and how it folds up neatly. The bunk beds are cute too, I hope you find some to add to your collection.

TattingChic said...

Cute Barbie stuff!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Hey, I have that bunk bed set! I even have the ladder and bedspreads so Skooter can come over for a sleepover. I got all excited seeing it. One of these days I will get all of it out and take pictures - I love seeing these!!!! I'm pretty jealous of your dream room.

Karen said...

I always look forward to your Barbie post. I have that Skipper but never had the Dream Room. It's just lovely!!!

KatCollects said...

Hi Lindsey,
I just wanted to stop by and say Hi and Happy Barbie Wednesday : )

Queenie~ said...

This is wonderful....and to have all of the's extra good. All the details are sooo cute...the setee is precious! Back in 1977 I had a Barbie Clothing Boutique was 2 story with an elevator. I loved it and would play with it for hours. Thanks for bringing back Barbie and Skipper memories for me.

LDH said...

Hello! I was also tagged by Diane so I thought I'd stop by for a visit to your blog. I still have my Skipper doll and she would love the great things you have shown in your post. What fun!
Kindly, ldh

Anonymous said...


You have an awesome Barbie collection. I love your Barbie posts.

The details are great in Skipper's Dream Room. Thaks for posting all the pics. It was fun to look at.


Peggy. said...

Skipper was always my favorite when I was little.
Your posts are always so fun. I have an award for the two of you at my blog.


Heidi Ann said...

Well, that is just absolutely adorable! I loved your pictures, too. I got Skipper for Christmas when I was little. I stupidly left her outside, and the dog got hold of her and chewed half of her arm off! I was horrified- and my parents weren't very happy about it, either! I remember having her skating outfit, and years later I managed to find one. I think I might have to get her out and dress her up and do a post one of these days! Your Barbie Wednesdays inspire me, Lindsey!

Diane said...

What a darling find I had a cardboard Tammy House when I was growing up my sisters and I sure had a bunch of fun with it, your skipper Dream room reminds me of mine. Enjoy!
Hugs, Diane

Protector of Vintage said...

What a great addition to your collection!! I enjoyed viewing all the photos~so charming.

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

so pretty! skipper is a lucky girl to live in such a pretty room!

Barb said...

Oh my. My granddaughters would love all that Barbie stuff!!
Thank you for sharing it.

Barbara Jean

sue said...

I never had a Barbie-wanted one so bad, I did have a skipper. but no cool clothes or furniture. I don't remember where I got it but I had one of those tiny barbie dolls that your Skipper is holding while sitting on the bed. I used to use flower petals for clothes. I packed that doll around in my pocket for the longest time. (until she ran away) I want another so bad- I didn't even realize it until I saw her again in your post,now I can't stop thinking about her. wow.

Anonymous said...

I love your site theme can you tell me the name of it or where you downloaded it? bye.

Anonymous said...

I have a skipper and the dream room. Mine is not in as good of shape as yours but I loved it and played with it a lot when I was young. There are accessories in yours that I do not have anymore but my "half" tables go together to form a whole table by putting a bird cage in the middle. I noticed too that you don't have the base to your lamp. I enjoyed seeing the advertisement because I had never set mine up that way.