Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Vintage Goodies

Hello Friends, Today we are sharing a few Sugar Kissed vintage goodies that we hope inspire you!

Last year we found this sweet little Christmas figurine to add to our collection.

While at a flea market on Sunday I spotted this matching planter!

Mom bought me this adorable swanky swig this week! It was a sweet surprise to come home from work too!

Here is a close up of a little reindeer figurine that is a part of our Sugar Kissed Christmas vignette!

And here is the beginning of our collection of Santa head mugs! We both think they are so cute and hopefully we will find more this month to add to it!

Have a great day, Lindsey and Twyla


Anonymous said...

I love the little girls! In fact, I have loved it all. Your sugar kissed Christmas is very creative.
Blessings, Sarita

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Love them all. Reminds me so much of my "vintage" childhood!

Hey, T...You Won!!! Pop over to Brynwood and leave your address for me.


Julie said...

I love them all, Lindsey! They're all just perfect for your Christmas theme this year! You two find the best stuff! I need to go to the flea market with you!

LiLi M. said...

Too bad we hadn't and we haven't those mugs over here. I bet you have seen Barbara's (at oodles and oodles) collection!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Love your little reindeer! and she is sweet in your Christmas vignette.
A very sweet post indeed,
Enjoy your weekend,

bellaboo said...

I've just been catching up with your blog.I love all the vintage treasures,especially the sweet reindeer.I will be making the paper bows too.Thankyou for showing how to make them.


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Happy Christmas!

Had to come by and get my smile fix this morning!

How fun to find a plater to match your Christmas girl but for me, that baby reindeer is the cutest!

I never heard of swanky swigs until I started blogging. What a fun name!

I saw so many things in Michael's yesterday that reminded me of your girls! ♥

Anonymous said...

Love the reindeer how sweet.Enjoy the weekend girls.~~Becky

Anonymous said...

I just love your collections... I have many Swanky Swigs!! They have the neatest graphics.....
Great Post!
Happy Holidays!

Lily's Pad and Petals... said...

Wow I love that reindeer -

Shelley said...

Love your vintage Christmas things....the Santa mugs have always been a favorite of my...seems like that are in abundance to find as well....good luck finding some very special ones.....blessings

beedeebabee♥ said...

Everything is so cute, especially that little reindeer, love him!!!
Hugs, =D

Miranda said...

how lovely!

Jacqueline said...

There is that little reindeer, I've been looking for him for months in the woods. I think one of the Babes in the woods lost him...check it out, at Once Upon a Fairyland. You two delight me daily. Thank you for your vintage inspiration! Have a happy Fairytale Friday!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the sweet little figurines! Makes me want to go looking around at the thrift stores here! Enjoy the season!

Irma said...

Wow what a fabulous finds.
Collecting antiques is so fun.

A very nice weekend, greetings Irma from Holland

Kimbles said...

Absolutely delightful girls! I especially love the little Reindeer aaah! xx

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE those kind of angels and that deer is sooooo adorable!!! Love everything :) It makes ya feel so happy!!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

I want them allllll!!!!
Oh my, they are too cute for words!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Running in to say hello and thank you for your kind words and thoughts for my doggie! WHEW! She is going to be fine thank heavens. I have zero energy from all the worry.

You guys find the cutest stuff, I'm so envious.

Happy weekend to you!

~~Carol~~ said...

I love those little girl figurines so much! They're my latest obsession, but I've found only one so far this year. Might have to get desperate and turn to Ebay!
Have a great weekend!

Nancy Jo said...

Those little things are sooo cute! How nice to find a planter to match the little girl.
I have a Santa mug I got when I was a little girl. I put it out every year. Once in awhile I see one at the thrift store. Lots of people out there aren't keepers like we are.
Nancy Jo

Julie said...

Hi Girls! I have "lots" of the santa head mugs. It is amazing how different they are, some winking, some with rosy cheeks. I have seen a pitcher, but did not buy it. One of my many regreats. A couple of years ago I found some tiny ones at a local drug store. so I think I bought 2 dozen. Yikes! Have a great weekend.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how precious! They are all so sweet. I know you are thrilled with your collection! And it's hard to pick a favorite... but those Santa mugs are so flirty!


Sheila :-)

Celestial Charms said...

Such sweet figurines and the Santa glass is very unusual. Never seen one like that, lovely. I adore Santa mugs, especially when he is winking at me ;-)
Have a lovely weekend!

Elyse said...

this is the cutest collection of christmas! adorable, sweet & fun!

how much fun you "two crazy crafters" must have together and there is no better gift than that.


Terra said...

Each of the treasures in your photos bring a smile to my face.

Sares said...

How sweet is the little girl figurine and planter! What a score you found in those. Your little cup and Santa heads are fun too!


Cute,cute,cute finds :) two have 250 followers!
Have a fun weekend!
Deb :)

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

How sweet! Reminds me of childhood too, as some have already commented.

Anonymous said...

Hi Twyla and Lindsey! I'm doing some blog reading this evening and a little catching up so I wanted to come and say hi! and see what you have been up to... first off I love the the little deer, he's very cute and I remember those santa mugs! we used to have a set when I was little. That was so nice of you to send me a happy birthday on your blog post, I was so surprised when I read that!!!! It's been crazy around here, my mom came for a visit and went home this morning so now it's back to decorating and all the christmas stuff. I hope to post more christmas decorations over the weekend......Have a super weekend Ladies! Hugs and Love, Jennifer

Cheryl said...

Love them! Don't know how you guys find such wonderful stuff.

Heidi Ann said...

I love them all! And I have those same little girls! They are among my favorite vintage Christmas items.

Florence and Mary said...

Fabulous collections!

Victoria xx

Lisa said...

wow!! I have missed a lot!! These vintage items are amazing!! I have to go back and look at some of your others! I see a pin cushion!!
Hugs, Lisa