Monday, May 5, 2008

Our newest addition

This is Spencer. He's a miniature poodle. Now we have two sweet babies!

Here is my thrifty/flea market loot I got this weekend!
Vintage patterns and lace galore!

If anybody ever hosts another vintage party swap I'll be set!

Card's, book's, rolling pin's, and a vintage apron too!

Happy crafty, Lindsey


Cami said...

Well, I enjoyed all of your treasures very much. And I am dying to do a vintage swap. Maybe we should start our own!!! And congrats on your new furbaby. So precious.

barbara said...

Once again, all of the stuff I love! (Even a dog!)

faerie enchantment said...

How cute is Spencer, congratulations on your new adorable Doggy!
P.S. Love all the thrifty finds too!