Friday, May 30, 2008

Look what I got!

I had a package on the doorstep when we got home today! It's my Parasol and paper swap goodies from Angela Harris! I can't believe she got it to me so fast!

I was so excited to rip into it! This is the first swap I have ever participated in and I wasn't quite sure what to expect but it was better than I imagined!

She went above and beyond what was required for the swap! Look at it all! First I must say I knew that she had beautiful handwriting but WOW! Look at the box where she wrote my name! Amazing! I love the picture. The frame is so gorgeous! And the packet of paper ephemera is awesome! Look at some of the beautiful altered valentines she sent along too!

Thank you so much for everything you sent Angela! I love it all! Now I've got to hurry and get yours to you!

Happy Friday, Lindsey and Twyla


Sherry said...

Angela did a great job! I thought parasols would be easier to find, but it is harder than I thought. I am working on your mom's though. You guys have a great weekend!!

Angela Harris said...

Wow! You guys got your pics up fast. I love the pictures you took too. I had a hard time getting rid of the picture frame but I'm glad she'll have a happy home with you & she was just too perfect for this swap. I'm so glad you liked everything. IT was fun! I can't believe I forgot to write you a letter explaininghow I got that big pink paarasol. On the last day of my trip to California as we were driving down the cost there was a Swap meet. So I stopped in & my husband had to drop me off on a service road b/c we didn't want to pay for parking. I ran into the meet hoping not to get caught & found this parasol within the first 5 minutes. IT was just waiting there for me. So It's from a town close to Santa Barbara in California. Neat huh? It was alot harder than I thought to at thrift stores by me so I understand. I'm sure I love what you can find.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cuties!!
what a bunch of fun stuff!!
i love it all!!!
this was such a fun swap.