Friday, May 23, 2008

I have questions

I hope someone might have an answer or two.
We planted two light pink rose bushes two years ago. Last year we had a really bad ice storm and one of the bushes died the other didn't die but never bloomed. This year our roses look like this.

Would anyone know why? Is it even a rose? It doesn't look like a rose. The buds look like roses but then it blooms and looks different. The bush is full of thorns making me think that it is some type of rose but I don't know. Anyone know?

Here is a picture of our lovely peony bushes that have just now started to bloom out.

Here's my other question. This is a cookie jar I got at the thrift store Thursday. Anyone know what brand it might be? I think it's adorable and I thought at first when I got it that it was handmade but I see that symbol on the bottom and think it must not be.

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day weekend, Lindsey and Twyla


Donna O. said...

I've searched everywhere for your email address- Is it posted on your blog somewhere? help!!
ANYWAY.....thank you both SO much for my gifts! I love everything but of course the little 'slippers' and 'ruffled art' are my favorites. That was just so kind of you- really. Thank you, so, so, much!
PS- And I love the idea of using old patterns for the tissue paper- so clever!!

Patty said...

Your peony is gorgeous! I think that is a rose bush. I'm not an expert but I have seen roses that look like that. Check these out:

Patty said...

About the cookie jar, (it's adorable by the way) I thought it might be made by Relpo. I have two planters, a lamb and a Poodle that are Relpo. I just looked on the bottoms of them and they have different markings than yours and both say Relpo. You could look on eBay for something similar to your cookie jar or even Flickr. Sorry I can't be of more help.