Monday, May 12, 2008

My greatest flea market find ever!

There's nothing like that feeling of finding an amazing treasure at a flea market or garage sale. As you inch closer to it, so excited but cringing at how much it might cost. Then finding out that it's dirt cheap. You managed to find something so grand and a good deal too!

That is how I felt yesterday at one of our favorite flea markets. I had glanced at a familer booth but as usual it is filled with none of the stuff that appeal to me so I kept going. I'm always a faster looker than my Mom. Which I guess is a big flaw of mine as who knows what else I might have missed. I heard Mom's voice behind me say "Did you see that Barbie case?". Somehow I had gone right passed it. So I went back and as I got up to it

I couldn't contain my excitement. It was the most beautiful, and unusual barbie case I had ever seen and the best part. It was only eight dollars! I couldn't believe my luck!

Here it is. My gorgeous new Barbie case:

A Fashion Queen case. I never knew they made one for her. I bought my fashion queen barbie on ebay a few years ago. She was originally introduced back in 1963.

They rarely ever made cases in such styles as this.
I can't believe my luck. If only it had been full of barbies too!
Happy Monday, Lindsey


Sherry said...

Wow! What a incredible find! You are sssoooo lucky! It's in such great shape too!

Scrappy Jessi said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!!
wow what a fab find!!
so so jealous!!

Sarah and Jack said...

You have found some lovely things!

Your profile says you are in MO, so am I! Mind if I ask where?