Sunday, May 18, 2008

A day at the Zoo

It was such a beautiful day that we headed out to the Zoo and was it ever crowded. There were so many little kids running around.
The Irises were just gorgeous!
Here are a few pictures of the animals we seen.

We were at the Wolf exhibit and there were a family standing next to us and the little boy looked up at his Dad and said, "Daddy do they bite?" "Yep" he said. Then he looked at his Mom and Said " Mommy do they bite?" "Yes sweetie" she said and then the little boy said "Do they bite hard?" "Yes they do".
I thought that was so cute!

This is a picture of my Brother Jordan and I standing in front of the waterfall.

Here we are sitting at a water fountain.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our day at the Zoo. I will be posting more pictures of my latest flea market goodies tomorrow.
Happy Sunday, Lindsey and Twyla

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