Sunday, January 23, 2011

Somethin' Nice

Hello friends!
Another cute Valentine card to share with you today!

I love it when I buy a cute card
and find that the inside of the card is just as cute as the front!

Wishing you a day of fun,
Lindsey and Twyla


Scrap for Joy said...

You are so right...adorable inside and out!
Have a cozy Sunday!

pinkstilettos said...

This is the cutest little card! Just adore it!

Victorian1885 said...

Sweet little Valentines! Have a great weekend..

Happy@Home said...

Very, very cute.
Hope you both are enjoying your weekend.

NanE said...

Thank for all the super cute images you have shared this week! Hugs and Blessings, Nan

Carey said...

I have been visiting you daily. I am participating in a valentine tag swap and I have never made one.
Your blog has become my classroom. Your creativeness is inspiring!
Have a great weekend.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hello girls~ Happy New Year a little late! Cute Valentine's card!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh! I love their wall paper and now I must go find a cookie! Ha! ♥

Sue H @ Astrachic Studio said...

What a great find!
The illustrations are so great.
I love it when they have been
used and have sweet writing
inside too.
I thought you might want some
Barbie News. I thought of your
collection when I saw a
interesting new barbie in a
target brochure today.
It is an Australia Day
Celebration doll with Sydney
Opera House Dress design.
It took my eye and I am wondering
if it was due to Oprah visit????
Have a great week,

Camille said...

Such a great card. I love the illustration style. I never find any cards this cute.