Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday

Hello dear friends!
This little bunny is coming your way to wish you
a happy day!

The colors are beautiful on this cheerful little card.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
Twyla and Lindsey


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hee-hee! You're cute tricks, too! :)

I'm having fits figuring out my new blog design! Maybe I'll take a Q from you and just have a nice solid color for a background! Lindsey, how did you do that? It seems like the new blogger design feature won't let us chose anything if we use the minama templete. Help!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Never mind, Lindsey! I think I go it! I just have to figure out my header. ♥

Jane said...

Such a sweet bunny card! Thanks for sharing!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I certainly hope I can get my home computer up and running so that I can use some of these images before Valentine's rolls around! Thanks for sharing. Hope ya'll are having a super weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

Heidi Ann said...

"A cute trick" - I love that one!