Saturday, November 1, 2008

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween!
We sure did. Our annual party of four, but as I said before, we can be as silly as we want to be that way.

Mom (Twyla) was Little Red Riding Hood.

Jordan, my brother, was a troll.

Our friend Susan was a Geisha. She came in the door and said her name was Mai-Won Boob. (Many of you may remember her mastectomy.) She is a clever girl with a keen sense of humour.

Here she is doing her fan dance. Spencer was wanting to eat her fan.

We had more food than we could eat!

We have been in magazine heaven today! The premier issue of Where Women Create is wonderful. I wish you could have heard us in Border's. We were huddled together on a bench oohing and aahing over the luscious pictures. We tried to be quiet but one woman got up and moved to the end of the aisle.
I am feeling so inspired after reading the new Home Companion! The articles and colors fit my style so well!
Of course the Romantic Homes had beautiful pages and great ideas!

Meet Maureen. This was Mom's neat flea market find today! A Styrofoam head covered in vintage sheet music. She will be wonderful for displays.

A day of flea marketing just isn't complete without finding at least one new planter!

It's rare that we go to a flea market and don't find at least one vintage card to come home with! Here are the one's I found today.

These are my goodies from Hobby Lobby today. I hope to get some crafting with this cute paper done this week.

Deb of Garage Sale Gal tagged us. The rule is to take the 4th photo from the 4th file and share it.

This is a photo of a collage I made this Spring for Mom (Twyla). I was working on it to sell, but she fell in love with it while I was working on it and so I started adding colors and pieces that she would like and gave it to her.

Have a wonderful day! Lindsey and Twyla


Nancy said...

Hello Twyla, Thank you so much for stopping by my place! Please come back anytime! It looks like you had a great Halloween! I have been enjoying looking over your blog! I will come back again. Nancy
p.s. come by and enter my give a way.

Stacey said...

Looks like fun. I'm thinking Barnes and Noble might be calling me pretty quickly. Hubby is out of town for the whole week!! Magazines are good medicine.

KatCollects said...

Love all the costumes : ) You found some great things today. I love the new Where Women create magazine too, but no fair I haven't found the Romantic Homes Holidays one yet. I did get my Christmas Victoria Bliss one and love it also. Happy Saturday!

Karen said...

Hi Twyla,
Thank you for your visit and the sweet comments. It's so nice to meet you as well.
It certainly looks like you had a great Halloween. I love everyone's costumes!
Your blog is very nice...just love all your vintage finds!
Talk to you soon,

TattingChic said...

Your party looks like it was a smashing of 4 or party of 44!

Robyn said...

Yes - the Where Women Create mag is wonderful!!! Looking forward to the next issue! I need to find the new Home Companion for the holidays!

I LOVE the foam head - sure you ladies will have a lot of creative fun with her!!! Can't wait to see some good pics with her in them!

Have a lovely Sunday - its perfect here today!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Twyla & Lindsey
Just catching up with your blog as you know we have been away. I love your halloween outfits from last year and this year! Very scary!! You look to have had a great halloween. Thanks for showing your flea market finds. I always enjoy seeing what you buy, it makes me feel like I was there too.
Best Wishes


Great job on that collage Lindsay! I can see why mom would love it!
And I love that you have your own little party each year! The costumes were great. Good job Susan.
Lisa & Alfie

Suzie Button said...

Hi Twyla! I love your party outfits! Now that I see all the magazines out I don't have yet, I can't wait to go to Barnes & Noble's today! Magazine Addict, yes, I am!
Love the cute sheep planter! Adorable! Suzie


Hi Girls,
What fun at your party and you all looked great. The troll looks like he was scaring your puppy..
Nice finds at the flea market. I wish we had one that was open year round. Love the new "head"...and your 4th picture. Enjoy your magazines...I am.

Heidi Ann said...

I hope I am able to find that "Where Women Create" magazine!
I am so in love with that birthday postcard you found with cottage on it! I am very, very jealous. Bad Heidi.

Sherry said...

Your Halloween party looked like so much fun!! You all look great but I have to say I love Susan name!! What a great sense of humor!


Vintage Tea said...

Fantastic costumes!

Victoria x