Friday, November 7, 2008

Twenty years ago today I gave birth to Lindsey. It was not supposed to be November 7th, she was due on Christmas Eve. It was a very scary time and things were tense for several days, but many precious people were praying for her and though she spent a month in the hospital, we did get to take her home! She was born with pneumonia and only weighed 41/2 lbs. She was on a breathing monitor for a year, but it never went off once. I had planned to name her Lindsey Noel, but since she wasn’t born at Christmas I changed it to Lindsey Michelle. She still wishes I had named her Noel.

Last Friday I participated in Stacey’s soup and chili recipe exchange. I had a hard time choosing one recipe so I thought I would share another one today.

Chuckwagon Soup

2 c. dry pinto beans, rinsed
5 c. water
1 lb. Beef stew meat
½ c. chopped onion
2 beef boullion cubes
1 jar (l lb. Or 18 oz.) salsa or picante

Dice stew meat in small pieces. Brown in Dutch oven and pour off liquid that cooks out. Add all remaining ingredients. Heat to boiling, reduce heat. Cover and simmer 3 hours or until beans and meat are tender.
You can make this as mild or hot as you like by the salsa you choose. Serve with corn bread or tortilla chips.

A house is a home when it provides food and warmth for the soul as well as the body. Have a warm, safe and happy weekend!


TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey! What a cute vintage image!

Stacey said...

How sweet. Happy Birthday Lindsey!
You two seem to have the neatest relationship.

Did I tell you that my husband has been out of town since last Saturday? He's always dying for home food when he gets back and that soup will be just right for him. Yummy! Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday to Lindsey!! We're so lucky to have our girls! (and boys too!)


Linda Lou said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. My daughter Ali, who turned 20 in June was also born with pneumonia---she was in the hospital for a week...Hope Lindsey has a great birthday.

barbara said...

I think I already said Happy Birthday, but I wanted to say it on the proper day - especially since you're a 20-something now, Lindsey!

Nancy Jo said...

Hey girls, I'm pretty sure that is my pfaltzgraft pot in your picture!! HA.
nancy jo

Nancy Jo said...

nancy jo

Ms. Tee said...

Happy birthday to your daughter - what a sweet story! :)

Anonymous said...

Twyla and Lindsey, ....and look at you both now! Doing mother/daughter things! What a blessing after all you've come through. Happy Birthday!

We had kind of the opposite thing happen with our lst daughter. She was supposed to be born at Thanksgiving. But she decided to hang on an wait a bit longer. It WAS awfully warm and comfy "in there" after all! She was born close to Christmas so she was named Holly.

Lindsey, I'll bet your parents still think you were a wonderful Christmas present.


Lindsay-ann said...


Thinking of you on your special day.
Lindsay & Jessica

Hilda said...

I had a preemie,too. She was born 4 weeks and 1 day early. Thank goodness she was only in the hospital for 5 days, unlike Lindsey! Can't wait to see pics of Lindsey's birthday party! I know it will be a smashing success!
Take care,

Holly said...

Happy Birthday to Lindsey! What an adorable card you posted for her.(I was a 4 pounder, too!)

My first born turns 27 this month! Too weird...

We're all waititng to hear about Lindssey's party!

~ Hearts ~

KatCollects said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!! I hope your day is a special one. I can't wait to hear what the theme was : )

Dawn said...

Happy, happy b-day, Lindsey. A gorgeous name for a gorgeous 'girl'!

Thanks for the yummy recipe (even tho it's only 7 a.m. here, it looks good enough to eat right now!)

Alex said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!!!! :) I hope it was the best one yet.

And Twyla...I'm going to go get the fixings for that soup. Sounds yummy and PERFECT for the cold weather here today.


Princess Of Pink said...

Happy belated birthday, Lindsey!

Hugs from your swapping partner Marian

Shanda said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey, Hoping you had a ggod one with lots of love and celebrations.

Suzie Button said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey! Wow, she was so tiny, what a blessing! Thanks again for the soup recipe! Suzie

KarenHarveyCox said...

Say Happy Birthday to Lindsey. What a story, how wonderful that she made it through. Karen

Alex said...

Good morning, Twyla...hope you have a wonderful Sunday! I'm hoping to work more on the two "sneak preview" paintings on my blog today. Stay warm!


Happy @ Home said...

Happy Birthday to Lindsey. I have never heard of a baby being born with pneumonia. That must have been very scary.

I love the sweet birthday card you have pictured here.


Robyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lindsey!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and can't wait to hear all about your day and gifts received!


Heidi Ann said...

Sorry my comment is so late! Lindsey - I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

countrygirl3031 said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! You and your mom have a wonderful relationship! I love being so close to my daughter too!


Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey! Hope you had a wonderful day! My wish for you is that you have a wonderful happy year full of fun surprises.

leslie said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! I would have LOVED to have gifted you with a Barbie but don't know which one you DON'T have!!! I hope your celebration was wonderful.

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsey! Twyla, I can so relate. My twins were born 8weeks early, and the "big" one weighed 4lbs8oz, the "little" one only 3lbs6oz. Very scary time, but after that, I realized what little miracles our little ones are!

creative breathing said...

Twyla, I believe God leads people to each other. My son was born on Nov. 9th and also spent a month in the hospital coming home 4 1/2lbs. That always stays with you. I have Lindsey's heart posted for her. This one I think she will like. Elizabeth