Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello to all our friends. Since the weather in our area hs been nothing but dark and dreary I thought I would share a few photos of vintage Barbie's that I hope some day to add to my collection.

Of course every Barbie collector needs a ponytail Barbie in her original black & white bathing suit. I am ashamed to say I have not yet been lucky enough to acquire one. Someday, someday.

This is one of the most rare & collectible Barbie's. Her name is Color Magic Barbie. She came out in 1966 and depending on which one you bought her hair would change color.

Since I am a brunette I wanted to have a brunette Skipper. I have three Skippers but all of them are blonde's although one of them I bought was supposed to be a brunette when I bought her but arrived a blonde.

This was Barbie's first car. An Austin Healy! It came out in 1960.

Barbie had a British pal and her name was Stacey. She was introduced in 1968 but didn't last long. With my love for The Beatles I have always had a love for anything British. So she is a must have for my collection some day.

I love the vintage cases & houses! They take up so much room but I just can't resist one if I find it! I see cases every now & then but I don't see the houses. This is one that I have pined for for many years now but they always go higher on ebay than I can do. Shipping is a killer when you get these on ebay!

I hope that by sharing what I know about these and other vintage Barbie's & friend's I have helped at least one person to identify what they may have.

I had a wonderful Birthday Friday! The theme for the party was Hello Kitty!

It was a beautiful pink party! Mom made crepe paper flower that hung from the ceiling fan and on the wall.

I had a fun night and I loved all my presents.

Here's one of my gift's from Mom. Because I'm left handed and she's right, She was never able to teach me to crochet. I can knit though. This is book that teaches lefties to crochet.

I saw this beautiful princess figurine as we were leaving a flea market so Mom went back the next day and got it for me.

These beautiful Hello Kitty ornaments will look perfect on my pink Christmas tree!

This was my big gift. My friend Susan and I were at Coach outlet store back in July when we went to Nashville together and I saw this beautiful Coach pattern. I loved it but didn't buy anything but before we left Susan bought me the wristlet and told me to forget I saw it until my Birthday. Imagine my surprise when I started opening up the Coach boxes and finding this beautiful collection!

I love the bottom of these shoes! Such cute attention to details!

This cute little crown was hanging above my party table.

I love these cute little pictures!

Aren't these ornaments neat! I love how the little one dangles from the bottom.

Such a sweet little pair of panda bears!

This pretty figurine is for the month of November.

Jordan gave me this beautiful blue poodle! The next day at a flea market I found the matching pink ones!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my goodies from my Birthday!



Stacey said...

What a cute party and what great gifts you got! You all sure seem to know how to put it all together...I think we need a party here at our house.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
I really enjoyed seeing all your wonderful birthday presents. I loved them all especially the pandas and the princess figurine. Jessica would adore the coach stuff. Your Hello Kitty theme looked so cute and your room was so prettily decorated.
Enjoyed seeing your Barbies too especially the Color Magic Barbie she is so special. I love the cases and houses too for my Sindys. I have one case like a hotel room and 2 houses with 4 floor levels.
Best Wishes

Vintage Tea said...

Happy Birthday.... I wish I could've come to your Hello Kitty party, what a fantastic theme.

I brought one of the Hello Kitty ornaments when I was in the US last year, Miss Kitty isn't as popular in the UK so I have to stock up on my visits.

Lot's of nice presents you were given and the Coach goodies, so glamourous.

Victoria xxx

TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday! What a fabulous party! I love all the barbie stuff! WOW! An Austin Healey! How totally cool is that? Love it. It looks like your party was a smashing success. Your mom did a great job on the crepe paper flowers! :)

Heidi Ann said...

Lindsey - I definitely enjoyed all the photos of your party and presents. It all looks so wonderful!
And I ALWAYS love Barbie Wednesdays. I have said before that if I ever won the lottery or anything like that, one of my greatest desires would be to acquire every vintage Barbie item I could possibly find! So, I can certainly relate to your Barbie "Wish List"!

Hilda said...

Thanks for showing us pics of your party. So glad you had a fun time!!Thanks for sharing all the Barbie stuff, too!

KatCollects said...

I am glad you had a good Birthday!!!

LBP said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! I was just thinking about you today while I was trying to find a Barbie case for my great niece! Wal*Mart does not have them! I said I bet Lindsey has a bunch and giggled!

I actually have the ponytail Barbie and the Brunette Skipper from my childhood. I will be on the lookout for another brunette!


Alex said...

Yeehaaa for Barbie Wednesdays!!! :) (: :) (:

SO glad Lindsey had a great birthday. and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee the shoes and purse. =D

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. It really does mean alot to me. I look forward to reading comments every day!

Becca said...

I love Barbie Wednesday. I actually had all the things you showed except the car. It was fun for me to see them, I lost all my Barbie things in a fire when I was 17. Thank you for sharing.


Hi Lindsey,
I think I need to celebrate my birthday at your home...SO many lovely, fun and sweet gifts...i can't wait to see what happens at Christmas:) Glad you had a great birthday and thanks for sharing it with me.:)

P.S. How did your Mom get that fancy signature at the end of her post??

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Fun!! Happy Birthday to you! What wonderful gifts and cute party theme--you are a lucky gal! Thanks for sharing it all with us :o)

Smiles, Karen

Anonymous said...


You got some awesome presents. I love them all!

The party decorations looked adorable.

I enjoyed seeing the Barbie items.


Kerryanne English said...

Happy belated birthday wishes Lindsey. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration and didn't your mum do a great job on the decorations.

Holly said...

Yay! Thanks for the pics of the party, Lindsey! I love Hello Kitty and those shoes are just too cute! I never have been able to wear any type of heels, though. :<

Glad you had a great party!

~ Hearts ~

Robyn said...

Looks like you had a truly wonderful birthday! What great gifts!!!
Oh - that Stacy Barbie doll was the first Barbie I got when I was 4 - have a photo of me (somewhere!)playing with her at my grandma's house. Thanks for the Barbie memories!!

Alex said...

Good evening, Twyla...sure hope you had a good day. Is it cold there like it is here??? :)



Happy belated birthday Lindsey!
It looks like it was an absolutely wonderful party and day. And every "princess" needs a "coach"!
Lisa & Alfie

Sherry said...

Wow Lindsey!! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! I want to go to our house on my birthday!


Suzie Button said...

Lindsey, What a great party! I just love your little pink dress figurine! So wonderful! Happy Birthday! Suzie

Holly said...

I'm almost I got that changing color Barbie for my 6th Birthday! Only I thought it was her clothes that changed color...

Loretta said...

You've put me in a Barbie mood for sure! Thanks for all the info on your neat blog about Barbies. I didn't know that Stacey was Barbie's British friend! Guess what? For my 8th birthday I got the white haired Stacey from an aunt! I was ecstatic and I still have her. I recently posted a picture of her on my blog.