Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This week I wanted to show you my favorite Barbie house. This was specially made for Sears & Roebuck in 1964.

I keep all of my Vintage Barbie's in this house. It is the main attraction of my collection. I found it at a flea market several years ago and I love displaying them in it.

I like having the closet to keep most of my vintage Barbie dresses together.

This cute little pink phone rings when you wind up the back!

Every now and then I change up their outfits and rearrange their positions.

I love these little hangers! Can you believe they survived all these years?!

Did you know that Ken's best friend Allen was named after The Ruth Handler's (the creator of Barbie) daughter's husband? His name was Allen Siegel.

Barbie's best friend Midge was originally to be called Susie, after Ken Handler's wife but that name was already being used by another toy company so Mattel settled on Midge Hadley.

I also wanted to share a picture of one of my vintage patterns. This pattern is from 1961. I only had to pay a quarter more for it than it originally cost!

Thanks for visiting our blog, Lindsey


Vintage Tea said...

I just love seeing your Barbie collections!

Victoria xx

Sherry said...

What a wonderful collection!!

Have a great day Lindsey!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

ooooh - I forgot all about the pink striped babysitter apron. I wanted that SO bad when I was a kid! Lucky girl!


Hey there Twyla,
I have that bubble hair barbie! I have to keep out of Alfies reach or she would just be another chew toy. And thanks for the sweet comment about the Big A. I would never have guessed the blog would be upstaged by little guy but he does tend to steal the show.
P.S. I still have my hard metal Barbie case from the early 60's and guess what's on the outside. You got it. Poodles!
Take care and say hi more often. I'm adding you to my list.
Lisa & Alfie

Kali said...

I hope it's filled with much love and that it's a special personal year ahead for you.

xo Kali

Liz said...

How PRECIOUS. I'm loving the view from that window. :)

MaryEllen said...

Awwh... it's all too good!
Barbie's.. and The Wizard of Oz too!
I'm transformed back to 1964, playing with my "Bubble haired" Barbie. A wonderful Christmas gift from my Big Sister Rita. I've got a small but wonderful collection of Wizard of Oz items. It's by far, my favorite movie.

CONGRATULATIONS on your FIRST Etsy sale! I know you'll do well there.
I love all your vintage goodies!
Have a wonderful weekend,

leslie said...

Oh.. I just love that little pink striped apron.. how adorable! Have you tried making clothes out of the patterns? I imagine the tissue is pretty fragile by now!

Lover-Doll Presley said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What a beautiful collection! I've always adored Barbie, particular vintage Barbie & have just started my vintage collection with my first one.

She's a 50s original & I love her I'm currently working on a blog post about the Barbie at the mo
:-D Will post it up as soon as its finished, so check out my blog if you like.

Beautiful blog girls, great posts.

Lots of Love