Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Spencer is thinking about starting a blog of his own called - The Life and Times of a Naughty Poodle. He thinks his full name is Spencer What Are You Eating Now!

This is a dear little blue poodle that I picked up over the weekend. He doesn't eat anything he's not supposed to.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the birthday goodies I got from my kids. Do they know what I like or what?

Little Red Riding Hood was my theme this year. Wasn't the table pretty? Lindsey made the cupcakes and the pretty Red Riding Hood decoration.

What did I get?! I'll tell you next week. I don't want to bore you too much with my birthday.

Are you familiar with the blog Sew Ritzy Titzy? If not, you should check it out. It's one of those you just want to hang around and visit awhile.

I am so very proud to say that Mary Ellen of Artkissed is being published in the new Vintage Halloween Somerset magazine. Is that exciting news or what! Look for it on the stands Aug. 1st. I am just so proud of her.


Sherry of If I could set my soul free has given us the Brillante Weblog award! Thank you so much Sherry!

The Rules Are:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

So here are our 7 picks :

It is so nice to be nominated for these lovely awards.
When we started last December, I didn't think we'd ever be given an award. It was months before we got our first comment!

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I wish you all much happiness! Twyla


Vintage Tea said...

Cute poodle!

I'm loving the Red Riding Hood theme!

Victoria xx

jill said...

Thanks twyla for the award.

Jill xoo

countrygirl3031 said...

Spencer is adorable!!! Your definitely got spoiled on your birthday...can't wait to see what you got!


Happy @ Home said...

Spencer looks so cute at the keyboard.
Your sweet kids did it again for your birthday. That must really make you feel special and I can tell you deserve it.
I can hardly wait to see what else you got!!
PS: Thanks for your congratulatory note on my blog. I was excited to be the winner.

Darlene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Oh my gosh Spencer is just adorable...as you can see I have a fondness for poodles too. I absolutely LOVE the poodle figurine..I always keep my eyes open for poodle stuff but I haven't found anything that is even remotely as cute as that. I also scrolled down on your blog and LOVE the pillowcase...how cute is that with the poodles & balloons?!? Looks like you had a fabulous birthday!!!


Oh my gosh,
it's like looking at a mirror image of Alfie Twyla! They do have the same coloring. I definitely think he should start his own blog.
Lisa & Alfie

Sherry said...

You only have 2 kids?? They go all out for your birthday! Good for you! I can't wait to see what all you got.

Have a great week!

Mette said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I could like inside your new books. Are they worth buying....!? ;) Mette

fairmaiden said...

Twyla, thank you so much for the award. I haven't been blogging lately because our computer is turtle slow...needs to go to the 'puter doctor. Hopefully my hubby will get it fixed soon.

Btw, your poodles are adorable. I grew up with poodles and we had plans to get a poodle, but our dear friends gave us Bella!

Knot Garden said...

I can recommend those two books, and I'm waiting for an order of dishcloth cotton to arrive, LOL!
Sounds like you had a lovely day.

Sweet Sage said...

Thanks So Much! So sweet of you. I haven't been nominated for an award of any kind since the eighth grade! I am quite flattered!

Katie said...

Hi Twyla...Thank you for stopping by my blog...I always love to receive comments! I have both of the books you have in one of your birthday photos (Happy Birthday)...They are two of my favorites...I especially love "Where Women Create", although I must admit to being very jealous of the gal who has an entire carriage house on her property, as her "studio" :)...I've also just learned that in November 2008, there will be a magazine coming out like the book, "Where Women Create"...Not sure if that will be the title of the magazine...Take care, Katie

Ottilias Veranda said...

Happy Birtday to you!! and Thank You so much for the award!! I´m honored!! By the way I can see by the birthdaypresents that we have the same taste! Spencer is so cute and sounds like he is a real poodle too! (I had a black poodle, Filippa,for 16 years)

Have a great day!!

Attic Charm said...

Hi girls, I just love Spencer he is so adorable! We have a Christmas ornament someone gave us for our dog, it says "hi my name is 'no no bad dog', what's yours?" haha.