Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It was such a gorgeous weekend that my kids and I headed out on one of our 'daycations'. We are so fortunate to live near several wonderful tourist destinations. One of them is the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO.

There are many reasons we love Carthage. There are great local restaurants, antique stores and beautiful old homes. We come her often just to spend the day and enjoy the atmosphere.

The kids hadn't been here since they were little. I was glad to see that there were lots of tourists here this weekend. Lindsey insisted on taking a picture of me so she could scrapbook it.

This is the path to the Chapel. It's lined with angels and a beautiful fountain.

Sam Butcher is the artist who created the Precious Moments paintings and figurines. This is the front of the chapel.

I loved the beautiful carved wooden door.

This is breathtaking. The ceiling was painted by Sam Butcher while lying on a scaffold.

All of the paintings depict Bible stories. They are painted in Sam's whimsical style with a touch of humor. I particularly liked the picture of Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.

The seven paintings right below the chandelier represent the seven days of creation.

There are real people depicted in this huge painting of Sam's vision of heaven. Sam's own mother, his son who died in a wreck at age 27 and several children who have passed.

I loved this small oval painting depicting fellowship. I thought of my precious blog friends when they told it's meaning. It is such a wonderful place to visit. Very inspirational and beautiful.

We are so excited with the response to the Wizard of Oz Gala! We so appreciate all the participants. I just know this is going to be such a fun event. There is still plenty of time to join. It is over a month away. If you'd like to read all the details you can read more about it here. We'd love to have you!

In case anyone was wondering, I am still walking. I'm on my way to see Deb, but still in Missouri. So far I have walked 134 miles.

This is a special week for me because it is my birthday week! Be sure and check back on Friday, my birthday, because I am going to do a special birthday post a give away prizes! It's my birthday and I can if I want to!

I wish you much happiness! Twyla


Happy@Home said...

I love to read about how you and your kids celebrate a nice day by taking a "daycation". This destination looks wonderful. I have always admired the talents of Sam Butcher and enjoyed getting to see more of his talent displayed in this chapel. I can't imagine painting on the ceiling while laying on scaffolding. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Stacey said...

Hi Twyla! What a beautiful place. I've always heard about it but have never seen pictures. It is so pretty. I'm glad y'all had fun! Loved seeing a picture of your sweet face too!



That was a nice day trip and thanks for sharing it with us!! Very pretty and I learned so much. I bet it was wonderful.

Deb :)

*Noelle* said...

hi! what a sweet place to visit! i had several precious moments growing up; wonder where they are now? you look adorable in your pic:)

Florence and Mary said...

I think the daycations idea is brilliant and something I'm doing myself this year, next trip is to the zoo with my friends and their children!

Hope you have a fantastic birthday,

Victoria xx

TattingChic said...

That looks like a really sweet place to visit! Those precious moments figurines are so sweet!

I probably need to take more "Daycations", too! :)

goldenbird said...

That was fun seeing the Precious Moments Chapel. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

beedeebabee said...

Hi Twyla! I've never even heard of this beautiful place before!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photo's. Loved the tour!
Paulette :o)

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Hi Twyla, So thoughtful of you to take us along on your lovely tour. I have given each of my grandchildren a Precious Moments Nativity for their first Christmas. I have always loved the figurines, but never knew about the chapel.

Thank you for you sweet anniversary greeting, and a happy early birthday greeting to you, as well.

Best Wishes,

Heidi Ann said...

Thank you for sharing all of those beautiful pictures! I believe my grandfather was born in Carthage. Wish I could visit there someday.

Protector of Vintage said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your daycation. It looks like a wonderful place to visit. Hope you have a lovely birthday!!

creative breathing said...

Twyla, What a wonderful post today, and your birthday to boot! I hope my gift gets to you on time! I haven't been able to walk for all sorts of reasons, but I have joined the Arthritis Foundation's Warm Water Therapy - what a workout! So maybe I have swum about 50 miles by now! Elizabeth

Sherry said...

I never even knew that such a place existed. How beautiful!!

MaryEllen said...

Wow! what a fun trip!
you did such a great job with the photographs! Its such a awesome place to visit, I didn't know it existed!
How lucky you are.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Are you 30?..ya know.. MY age? xox

parasols and maryjanes said...

Thanks for the tour. I have driven past the highway sign for this several times and never "have time" to stop. It's beautiful and peaceful.
Thanks also for your sweet comments.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Twyla
Thank you for taking us to such a beautiful and tranquil place. The pictures you shared were lovely, especially the one of you so you can be scrapped by Lindsey!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday on Friday. I look forward to hearing all about your special day.

Holly said...

Hi,Twyla!!! I'm a t the library again.... I'm so glad I got to see a picture of you today! Now I don't miss you as much! ♥

Patricia said...

What a lovely place to visit. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment.

strawberry lemonade girl said...

Aw you guys are so sweet....I love barbies too....and this place looks crazy! (in a fun way!) I had never heard of it til today. Thanks for sharing!

Bearly Sane said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos Twyla. I have never seen a chapel decorated this way...Sam Butcher must be a very talented man in more ways than one...this is certainly a place that would be inviting to young people as well as those young at heart!

Sassypants said...

Happy Bithday to you! Mine was on the 22nd :)

Marie said...

Once when we went to our daughter's in OK, we went the northern route through MO and we stopped at Precious Moments. We saw the signs along the highway and went out of our way to visit and it was well worth the trip. It is such a beautiful place. We have a daughter-in-law now that collects Precious Moments and it is a shame we are not able to travel to OK anymore.