Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello friends! I forgot to show this lovely Barbie on my post last week about Movie inspired Barbies. This is Rose Dewitt from Titanic.

I thought I would show you a few TV show inspired Barbies today. Here is a Star Trek Gift set from 1997. Mattel also released a new set of 3 Star Trek dolls after the release of the new movie this past Spring.

Mattel has had a huge success with their line of I Love Lucy dolls. And it's no surprise why. They are so fun! Mattel started producing Lucy Barbies in the late 90's and still continues to release new dolls.
I really love Lucy!!! I grew up on Lucy. Which is something you don't hear from most 20 year olds. I watched Nick at Nite every night when I was little. I loved all the classics! But Lucy was always my favorite. I watched those episodes so many times but I never got bored of them.

This is a Gypsy Barbie from episode 38 ""The Operetta". Can you see her blacked out teeth? Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is one of Mattel's most recent gift sets. Lucy and Ethel in episode 69 "Lucy and Ethel buy the same dress". I can hear that song they sing together in my head right now. It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship, When other friendships have been forgot
Ours will still be hot! Lahdle-ahdle-ahdle-dig-dig-dig.

I really like this one. It's a gift set of both Lucy and Ricky. This is a 50th Anniversary set.

This Lucy Barbie is from episode 19 "The Ballet". Don't you always cringe when you see Lucy get her leg stuck on the balancing bar? I do!!! Ouchy!!!

One of my favorite episodes! Episode 116 " Lucy gets in Pictures". I don't think I could have stood up any straighter than she did with that big head piece!! Poor Lucy!!

In episode 45 "Sales Resistance" Lucy was talked into buying an expensive vacuum and trys to go door to door selling to get rid of it.

In episode 3 "Be a Pal" Lucy is following a book's advice and ends up looking like the chiquita banana lady!!!!

Episode 147 "Lucy gets a Paris Gown". Lucy wants a designer gown and when Ricky finds out she was tricking him to get one he puts together a crazy outfit made of burlap and passes it off as a Paris original.

Possibly the best episode ever is episode 49 "Job Switching". Ricky wants Lucy to try working for a week, so she and Ethel get jobs at a candy factory, where they are totally inept-especially at wrapping chocolates-due to a speeding conveyor belt that has them stuffing chocolates in their mouths, blouses, and hats.

A lovely Lucy doll in one of her many beautiful outfits.

Episode 114 "L.A. at Last" Lucy arrives in Hollywood with stars in her eyes. She heads for The Brown Derby, a celebrity hangout, where she encounters Eve Arden and William Holden -- and inadvertently presents Holden with a custard pie in the face.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these dolls today!


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I love I Love Lucy! I love that episode when Lucy and Ethel are shoving chocolate wherever they can. haha. I agree, one of the very best. :D

For the love of a teddy bear said...

Hi Lindsey and Twyla! Thank you for the comments you left on my blog, you both are so sweet...I'm glad I'm back, being sick is no fun!....I LOVE Lucy too!! I still watch it when they are on, never get tired of it either. My favorite episode is when they are making the chocolates, my second Favorite is the vita-meata-vegimin tv commercial lucy was making.... too funny!! I didn't realize barbie made so many lucy's, some of them I haven't seen before... have a great night! hugs, Jennifer

Florence and Mary said...

My friend who collects Barbies loves the I Love Lucy ones, we're always on the hunt for the next one. She has them all so far about the from chiquita banana lady one!

Victoria xx

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
The Rose Dewitt Barbie is beautiful. Jessica would love that doll as The Titanic is one of her favorite movies. I am not familiar with the I Love Lucy show but all the dolls look lovely. We have some boxed Baywatch Barbie dolls from around 1997. Maybe one day they will be collectots items.
Best Wishes


Hi Lindsey,
Now that I'm going to this Barbie party in August...I'm just loving all the Barbies that are around...SO MANY....I can wear anything and probably Barbie wore it!!
Just loving your job!!?
Deb :)

April said...

I have the Rose doll and just featured her on my barbie post - freaky!!

April xx

Heidi Ann said...

I ALWAYS enjoy seeing the dolls, Lindsey!
Happy Barbie Wednesday!

Tammy said...

Hi...I'm a new follower of your blog...I'm starting to get an itch for collecting Barbies...ever since I was at Walmart the other day and they have brought back the old black Barbie Doll case...I had to open it to see if it smelled the same...yep...that plastic smell gets me all the time!

SparkleFarkle said...

Mattel does a marvelous job with it's movie/movie star inspired Bs, dudn't it? What an incredible Kate Winslett/Rose Dewitt likeness-- I wonder if KW is a proud ower of one of the dolls. An even BIGGER question: I wonder if Leo DiCaprio is! LOL!

And the Lucies are scruptuous! A few birthdays back, my daughter presented her dad with the Lucy/William Holden "encounter" doll, as it is his all-time favorite I Love Lucyepisode. Thanks, again, for a wonderful blog-share and trip down Memory Lane (one of my fave places to travel)!

Holly said...

Hi Lindsey! I'm at the library and don't have time to read your post yet but I wanted to at least say hi to you! Hi!!! ♥ I hope to have my computer back today.

goldenbird said...

I love the Rose doll from The Titanic. She's gorgeous. That was great fun looking at all those Lucy dolls-- I had no idea Mattel made so many in that line. Thanks!

*Noelle* said...

oh crazy ol' lucy! lol i remember watching that show with my grandma!! this post brought back some wonderful memories:) thanks!!

aimee said...

hello:) i love i love lucy and star trek. when my oldest son was in second grade he loved to watch i love lucy. well it was his bed time and i told him he had to go to bed and he said "but mom i love lucy is all new episodes this week. i have to stay up" it took everything in me not to laugh cause he didn't know that the episodes were way older than he was. he is 18 now.

Trinity said...

We have the Titanic Rose! I love the I love Lucy's too! Such a pretty post!

Chandra said...

What a fun post! Love it, and love the Lucy theme. Episode 49 makes me belly laugh every time!!! ;)

TattingChic said...

Those dolls are all so much fun! Thanks for sharing all the fun varieties of TV show Barbies!

I LOVE the Rose DeWitt Doll from Titanic! OH! So very pretty! :)

A Fanciful Life said...

I had no idea they ever had Lucy dolls! They are so fabulous - thanks for sharing those.
Sharon :-)

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Allison said...

I love I Love Lucy! I love that episode when Lucy and Ethel are shoving chocolate wherever they can. haha. I agree, one of the very best. :D

Christie Eriotes said...

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