Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Twyla on Tuesday

Hello sweet friends!
As I sit down to visit with you this week I can't help but
think about the terrible heatwave that so many are experiencing across
the country.  We have had mid 90 degree temps for a week now with heat
index over 100. 

We've been drinking lots of liquids to keep our cool and everything just tastes better from our
vintage swanky swigs.  Yes, we use these.  I just don't put them in the
dishwasher.  Don't want to ruin those beautiful graphics! 

These pretty litte blue and pink glasses are juice sized.  I put them in the vintage
nursery jar holder.  I thought the two paired up nicely.

Blue being my favorite color, this set is a favorite.  See the windmills?
I need to find one more to make a set of six.  I once saw a set of six with
the matching pitcher and I didn't get it.  Don't you know I've regretted that!

I love clocks and clock faces.  I found this wallpocket in a booth this weekend that had a 50%
off sale.  It only costs $3.25!  So cute!

I am working on a new afghan.  One made up of granny squares.  I was inspired
by the colors I used in the Magic Carpet Ride afghan and wanted to do another
 using the same colors.  When it is finished, I am going to list it in our etsy shop. 
As you can imagine, I have a lot of afghans since I've become obsessed with making them
and need to sell a few :)

I also wanted to let you know that I am having a sale on the baby blankets that I made
for the shop.  I had priced them at $28.50.  I am now selling them for $23.00.

I love to crochet so much and find it so relaxing and such an awesome creative outlet.
Many of you say you wish you could crochet.  I have discovered that there are some
very good tutorials on how to crochet on Youtube.  I hope that you will give this
fun craft a try.  It's addictive!
Thank you for stopping by.  I appreciate the time that you take out of your busy lives
to visit me.  Wishing you a cool day!


Creative Breathing said...

Twyla, Now I know your secret for always having your Tuesday post right there for me to read first thing in the morning. The stroke of midnight! I saw so many wonderful glass sets at the antique mall today on my way to visit my daughter. There is one booth that particularly has your name on it! Lots of pink and blue! You are enjoying your new mall, so glad! E

Angela said...

I love your vintage glasses. You have such pretty colors!
I once crocheted a lot. I also found it very relaxing. Now it causes my wrists to swell and my hands to get numb, so I enjoy other things these days.

Sarita Boyette said...

First off, I don't think I ever commented on Lindsey's beautiful mini album. I can't believe the detail she put into it! It is really cute! And I loved your little elf & pansy card from Sunday.
Your glass collection is just fantastic! The juice glasses and nursery jar basket look like they were made for one another. Liked your clocks and afghans, too. I hope you sell all your afghans!

Anonymous said...

Aw, these vintage lemonade glasses are so lovely! On my blog you can find a delicious recipe for homemade lemonade:


Have a lovely day!

P.S. Have you seen my post yesterday about our home in the design*sponge sneak peek?

Anonymous said...

Everything is so pretty....
BTW....The retro glasses are called "Swanky Swigs"!! Aren't they neato'!!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Good morning, Twyla! Ha-ha! I wonder who came up with the name "Swanky Swigs' ;) Love it. I think Yours are so pretty!

For some reason, I don't remember any of the drinking glasses from my childhood. Maybe I'd have to see them to have that memory triggered. I do remember glasses breaking alot so when I became a mom, I bought THICK drinking glasses or I gave my kids plastic!

You know I love your afghans! I've covered up with yours on a few nights here! ♥

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love having a special glass just for water. I just bought a pretty glass at Pier 1 but I love your vintage glasses! Your pretty afghans are wonderful! I love to visit your Etsy store! Did someone say SALE? heehee! Enjoy your day! ♥

Melody said...

Hi Twyla..Lindsey too! Love your glass collection. You need to put link this post to the vintage Alphabet....Lemonade Glasses....Over at the Etsy Cottage Style Blog! It stormed again here in Ohio at about 8pm, but it got even more humid for about 1/2 hour if you can believe it! It' so humid now it's like your walking thru a very very fine mist ugh. Than goodness for Air I don't think our poor Shadow could take this for a long time.

Honey Lamb and I said...

I always love your afghans! I will have to go and check them out. The glasses make me think of being a kid! I am going to try to grab your button:) ~Shelley O.

Mommy of Monkeyshines said...

Love. Love. Love. vintage juice glasses. I think my favorites are yours too! Whew, I am thirsty! :) Hopefully this heatwave in the midwest will end before too long. Its making me ready for crisp autumn air, open windows, and apples!

My Vintage Studio said...

Love your collection of vintage glassware. Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Jackie said...

There is something about drinking from a swanky swig that is refreshing and if we close our eyes, we can role back time to the 50's. My very favorite era. I was born in 59' and I have always wanted to be a homemaker of the 50's confession!
I had a dream last night...about a snotty women that said...Who do you think you are playing with dolls and dressing like you like in the 50's...funny!
Thanks for the cute post...has my heart, skipping beats and thanks for allowiong me to copy the pixie picture too!

Happy@Home said...

Any one of your swanky swigs would make a cool drink taste even better. Like you, I am partial to the blue ones. I have a special one with aqua flowers and a white picket fence that I use every day. I hand wash it along with the dinner dishes.
Hope you are managing to keep cool. Our temps are climbing back up to the upper 90s. Ugh.

Samantha said...

I LOVE your swanky swigs!!! The blue set is beautiful!

Linda Lou said...

Love those glasses-very sweet! I am sorry you are having such hot weather in the midwest-it has been very cool here for July-but its a good thing!

Sherry from Alabama said...

What a beautiful way to keep your cool! I love those glasses! It's right warm in our neck of the woods right now, but I'm used to hibernating for most of the summer since I've lived in Alabama all my life. I'm taking advantage of the air conditioned indoors to work on my crafts and hobbies, only poking my head out during the (somewhat) cool of the morning or evening.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Heidi Ann said...

Everything is so pretty; the colors are making me swoon! I am in LOVE with all of your vintage glass tumblers!

Bethany said...

Love your swanky swigs! I have a couple mismatched ones and always on the look out for more. Have a wonderful week.
Bethany &heart;

Country Dreaming said...

Great glasses-I'm sure anything that is cold in these glasses are good.
Your afghans are beautiful too.

Have a great Wednesday.


Carol said...

Love those blue glasses with the windmills! They're adorable!! I think drinks taste better out of glass rather than plastic, don't you?
Carol in GA

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

We have been fortunate to have been enjoying weather in the 70's and 80's...I hope you are staying a bit cooler...what a lovely post!

Sandy Michelle said...

Ok those vintage glasses are too dang cute! I have smurf glasses only and I don't use them for fear of breaking them..lol!

Sandy xox

KatCollects said...

Everything you make is beautiful. It has been almost 120 degrees where Matthew is, I can't even imagine. Wishing you a beautiful week.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Twyla! Your crochet is just so pretty. Your color selections are always so beautiful as well!...Oh how I wish I could go scouting around with you at the antique shops! xo

Filing cabinet said...

The glasses you have shared over here are fabulous and their designs are just awesome. I like them very much and they are also unique and beautiful like your other collection.