Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Barbie Wednesday

Hello friends!
Today's Barbie post is themed around vintage Barbie swimsuits!
Of course Barbie's most iconic swimsuit is this zebra striped suit! Sold from 1959 to 1960.

Another popular swim suit for Barbie was this red Jersey knit suit.

This lovely striped gold swim suit came with the Fashion Queen Barbie. This doll is one of Mattel's reproduction releases this year.

Mattel's other new reproduction release is of my favorite vintage Barbie swimsuit, The American Girl doll. Released in 1964.

Last year for Barbie's 50th celebration they released an updated version of the zebra striped swim suit.

What's your favorite Barbie swimsuit? There are so many over the years to choose from!

Have a lovely day, Lindsey


Deb said...

My gosh, I am 49 years old and I still love Barbie! I wish I had kept all the ones I had from my childhood. I like the original zebra suit.

Florence and Mary said...

It's got to be the iconic black and white!

Victoria x

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

The American girl one is a bit more like something I *might* would wear *if* I showed my legs in public! Ha! Have a great day Lindsey girl! ♥

Chantal said...

I like the original 50s black and white striped one best. Another one I like is one from my childhood, that I still have is "Beach Blast Barbie"... she wears a fluro pink bikini and she has crimped hair with a clip-on hair piece that changes pink in the sun! Except it doesn't change to pink anymore... lol. Classic 80s stuff!!! Too cute! :D

Heidi Ann said...

I love this post, Lindsey! And I swear that great minds think alike because I am working on a post about my Barbies in their swimsuits! Boy, do I ever wish I could buy some of those great-looking reproduction Barbies!

heartfelt living said...

I remember having the solid red one for my Barbie. It believe it was a hand me down from my aunt but my very favorite swimsuit belonged to Skipper. It was red with red and white stripes. Almost like a sailor suit. Do you remember that one? What a fun post. I think once a Barbie fan always a Barbie fan!


Creative Breathing said...

Lindsey! Thank you so much for the heads up on the OA paper! You are SO right. I think this one is going to be our favorite yet! I hope my scrap store gets it in. E

Elyse said...

hmmm. favorite barbie swim suit, eh? i always liked malibu barbie's plain aqua 1 piece. i have some old barbie bikini that's red with white hawaiian flowers - also cute.

fun post!


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

So Cool!!!

I had one of the Barbies you show in the red jersey swimsuits - but she was blond!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I so appreciate it. I am your newest follower!!

KatCollects said...

Wishing you a happy week!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love them all! I had the Barbie with the black and white swimsuit...way back when! Wish I still had it! lol ♥

Faith said...

The original is my favoirte the black and white stripe, like I had when I was a young girl, and should have kept..oh well I digress. Last year for Christmas my husband bought me the reproduction of the orignal doll..she is a beauty...and I also have the hallmark ornament, two in fact one has the little black case like I used to have..these are jewels of my childhood....I am happy to have them.

Sher said...

So adorable! Vintage barbie wins everyday. :) Cute blog! <3 xo, Sher