Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I thought that today I would dedicate this post to be all about Ken!

Ken met Barbie in high school and they have been on again, off again for the last 48 years.

Ken's full name is Ken Carson. He was named after the creator, Ruth Handler's son Ken.

Ken has had at least 40 occupations, from Astronaut to Hair Stylist.

When Mattel first came out with Ken in 1961 he had felt hair but it was discovered that it rubbed off when wet so the next years model had plastic, molded haircut.

In 2004 it was announced that Barbie and Ken had officially split up but would remain friends.

During this time that Mattel stopped making Ken dolls they went up in value. In 2006 a revamped version of Ken came out appearing that they might be getting back together and then it was announced on Valentine's Day this year that they have officially gotten back together.

Lastly, I want to share with you the 1961 commercial when Ken was introduced.

Wishing you a beautiful day, Lindsey


Gossamer Creations said...

Cute (Barbie & ) Ken post. Great photos. I am so happy they are back together. They look so nice together.
Have a great day.

Faye said...


Holly said...

Goggd morning Lindsey girl! Wow! I never knew Ken's hair had changed so much through the years... I think he needs a beard and mustache. ☺

Love those retro comercials.
Have a happy Wednesday! ♥

TattingChic said...

How funny. My Ken and Barbie were always married! ;)

Lavender Dreamer said...

Love this post and all the great info. I remember having a Ken when he first came out and of course the Barbie board game with Ken! I finally took pics of my Barbies, I'll post them soon!

Anonymous said...

I never had a Ken but I loved this post about him. The video was swell, just like Mattel! I did have a couple of the dresses Barbie was wearing in the ad - The striped "Suburban Shopper" & the pink "Enchanted Evening" gown w/ white "fur" stole.
Blessings - Sarita

For The Love Of A Teddy Bear & Pink And Pretty Needful Things said...

I had a 1970's ken..........I think he looked more like neil diamond though...LOL!! My brother used to pop his head off and try to use him as an army man until I would scream....then he would run away because he knew our mom wasn't far behind.....hugs, Jennifer : )

Protector of Vintage said...

What a great and informative!! I still have my Ken of his arms keeps falling off, but he's basically in good health!!

Heidi Ann said...

A nice look at handsome Ken on Barbie Wednesday - love it!

Andrea said...


Thanks for the info about Ken. Great post as always. The video
was fun to watch. I also enjoyed
looking at the pictures.

Have a great weekend,

Dawn said...

He was thrown over for GI Joe.

Pat said...

How funny. My Ken and Barbie were always married! ;)