Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Barbie Wednesday

Today's post is all about Barbie's best friend, Midge!
Originally introduced in 1963 as Barbie's best friend
Midge Hadley . She was introduced to counter act the claims that Barbies was a sex symbol. Like Barbie, Mattel created a boyfriend for Midge, too. His name was Allen Sherwood.

Midge came out in blonde,brunette, and red head. Depending on which color hair you chose the color of the two piece swimsuit varied. If Midge had red hair her swimsuit was yellow and orange, for blond hair it was in two shades of blue, and if she was brunette it was pink and red.

In 1965 Mattel came out with a bendable leg Midge. She had a shorter hairstyle and headband.

Mattel stopped making Midge dolls in the seventies and didn't create another until 1988.
In 1990 Mattel created a Wedding Day Midge. Her groom being Allen.

A year after the Wedding Day Midge came out, the couple appeared in a Barbie pamphlet holding twin babies. But the dolls were never reproduced.

However in 2003, she and Allen were introduced in what was to become a world wide controversy. The box featured Midge with a three year old son Ryan and new born Nikki. This was called the Happy Family line. This was also the first time Mattel had created an African American Midge.

Midge was sold pregnant with a removable belly bump with a baby inside. Some people complained that it was not kid appropriate and that Midge didn't have a wedding ring on. Wal- Mart pulled their stock from shelves and a newer version of a non pregnant Midge with ring and a cardboard cutout of Allen were added.
About a year later another version of a pregnant Midge was released with a new baby this time. It's gender was a surprise unlike the other version. This baby's gender being a surprise when you opened the box.
Grandparents were also created to go with the Happy Family line.

This is the most recent Midge. A collector's reproduction gift set of both Midge and Allen.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Barbie's best Friend!
Happy wishes to you, Lindsey


Anonymous said...

I didn't know all that about Midge - thanks for the lesson! I remember when the doll with the baby inside her came out. I even looked at one at the store - I guess that was before they were pulled - but I didn't recognize her as being Midge. Personally, the old fashioned red haired Midge with big freckles is my favorite. She looks so fresh and innocent.
Blessings, Sarita

Pearl said...

I sure did learn alot about Midge 'n Alan... I think I'm too old-fashioned to like the pregnant dolls very much... But, I Love that green dress Midge is wearing in the last photo... dramatic black sash 'n black heels make it pop! Thanks for the history, Lindsey... Hope you're all rested from those long hours at your new job... Take care, and please send my hello's to your Mom!

~hugs 'n prayers~

Faye said...

Twyla,I love barbie Wed.Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a GREAT DAY! Blessings, Faye

Holly said...

Good morning, Lindsey! ♥

Those twin babies are sooo cute! Too bad they didn't sell them. :< Is Allen sporting pink hair there? ☺

I like the 2003 Midge. Cute hair!

I keep feeling so happy for you about your new job and all the like minded girls you're going to meet through working there! Have fun!

~ ♥ ♥ ~

Carol said...

Thank you for the history lesson on Midge. I didn't know any of that, and I don't remember her having a boyfriend. Why did I not have an Allen doll?! I had every other doll there was!

Lavender Dreamer said...

OH MY! I never knew all of this! I really loved the info about the pregnant Midge! She's so sweet with her cute freckles! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog and I'm Barbie crazy right now...maybe I should look for her best friend, Midge! heehee!

Rose Charles said...

wow i never knew any of that!
how funny about pregnant Midge and her removable "Bump"

Rose XXX

creative breathing said...

What a fun post! I love Midge - I think I was a Midge kind of girl! E

For The Love Of A Teddy Bear & Pink And Pretty Needful Things said...

I never had a midge. My friend who I used to play barbies with did and I would always steal hers and play with it...LOL! barbies and midge bring back such memories of when I was a child......WOW! hugs, Jennifer

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
I enjoyed learning more about Midge.
We actually have the pregnant Midge and baby in our box of Barbies.
Thanks for sharing.

Heidi Ann said...

Midge is awfully cute. I absolutely LOVE that last one you showed - the new version in her lovely green dress!

TattingChic said...

Cute pics! I had a hand-me-down Midge when I was a little girl! I was so excited when I got an actual Barbie doll of my very own, LOL!

Patty said...

Midge has quite the backstory! I had that Wedding Day Midge so I guess I got her in 1990 when I was going through my second Barbie phase (at age 27). I have no idea what happened to her dress now that I think about it.

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