Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The sweetest times in my life are the times spent with my children. The three of us are very close. We spent so much time together as they grew up. Dad was always working or sleeping so we had lots of time to play and love and learn together.

My son gave me this adorable bear for Valentine’s day. It is an Annette Funicello angel bear named Twyla. He had to get it for me. He said it was my guardian angel.

He also gave me this Hallmark ornament that is heart shaped, perfect for Valentine’s day and also dated the year I was married.

Lindsey made me the most gorgeous wall hanging. The picture does not do it justice.

Both my children love to go flea marketing. I get to go both Saturday and Sunday with each of them. Sunday afternoon with Jordan I picked up this very sweet planter.

Last week with Lindsey I found this unusual baby planter.

This past week I made myself a shawl out of wool yarn. I wanted something to just throw around my shoulders on cold mornings to keep me warm. It is very soft and warm.

Lindsey found some vintage valentines as she told you in the last post. There was one card that I just loved. I kept saying how I loved it so she pulled it out and gave it to me. I just love clocks.

I will always love spending time with my dear children and the fun we have treasure hunting at flea markets will always be a special memory for each of us.

Cherish each passing moment, the laughter and the tears . . . for days go by so swiftly, and gather into years.

Wishing you all much happiness! Twyla


Pearl said...

Hi Twyla... I can't imagine a better way to begin my Tuesdays than with you! It's fun to always learn a lil bit more about you, and to also see your latest creations and treasures. I love how close you are with Jordan and Lindsey... truly a blessing and a gift from God!

Your guardian angel "Twyla" bear is just precious, and such a thoughtful gift from your son. Lindsey did an outstanding job on your beautiful wall hanging... I saw the one she made for Holly, too... I hope Lindsey considers selling her wall hangings in your shops; I believe they'd do well, don't you?!

I've begun collecting Vintage planters, too... your kitty is so cute, and I love the purple flowers... can't decide if they're violets or not, though. I had no idea that you liked clocks... such a pretty card that Lindsey shared with you! I'll have to keep my eye out for clocks for you while I'm searching for this 'n that... LOL

I hope that you have a wonderful day, my friend... I know you'll be warm in your pretty new wool shawl... Your talents are endless!!
God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Holly said...

Good morning, sweets! Your Twyla bear looks so soft! So sweet of Jordan... Glad you get to shop with him. I didn't/don't shop much with my boys. Although I do have one nice memory of going to a garden club sale with Caleb. He was going to be a landscaper. Maybe he still will some day.

I didn't know you married in 79! That was the year I was supposed to graduate but instead I fell in love. ☺ I married in 80.

I'm up before the birds this morning and having a wonderful with the silence.

Be blessed this day, my friend!

~ ♥ ♥ ~

Stacey said...

How sweet! Your family just seems so close and that is wonderful! :)

Vintage Tea said...

It's fantastic that your children share your love of flea markets.

My parents introduced me to our local antiques market and I love visiting with them.

Victoria xx

Lavender Dreamer said...

I love to treasure hunt, too! Love your pretty things! Enjoy your day!

Heidi Ann said...

Very sweet post, and I sure wish I could join you all in your flea marketing adventures!

TattingChic said...

What a sweet Valentine bear and ornament you got from your sweet son! Lindsey's wall hanging is lovely. You sound like you have very sweet kids! The flea markets on the weekends with them sounds like fun!
What is even more precious is that you enjoy and appreciate them, too! :)
Glad to hear you had such a lovely Valentine's weekend.

Sherry said...

Your so lucky to be that close to your kids! I love all the gifts they gave you!


creative breathing said...

Twyla, You and Lindsey have had a particular influence on me lately! I have momentarily posted some "finds" today that will be pincushion toppers for cushions that She'sSewPretty is making for me. There was a whole bunch of baby items, and darn if I didn't think about you and pulled out my wallet! You have gotten me onto a planter kick! Elizabeth

Linda Lou said...

What wonderful, kind children you have! They are so lucky to have you as a Mom! They chose some very lovely Valentine gifts for their special Mom!

Happy @ Home said...

What pretty things you have here today, Twyla. How neat to have a bear named Twyla. It sounds like you have 2 wonderful children. I can tell they take after you in being sweet and thoughtful. How special that you all enjoy flea marketing together.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can really relate to this post. My daughter loves to flea with me too and it has provided some wonderful memories. Won't it be fun to see them pass the tradition on to their own children someday? And Lindsey is such a sweetheart, giving you the postcard you liked :)

Have a great week girls!


Shauna said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)

Queenie~ said...

That is so sweet Twyla...the gifts that your children gave to you...and that the bear was named Twyla, how cute. Your sweet words at the end of your post ring true...I love that....you said it beautifully. The time does go by too quickly. I Love those flea market finds you got too. That vintage card with the clock is precious!
Hope you have a beautiful day!
big hug,

KatCollects said...

You are a wondeful Mom, I am so glad that you and your children are so close, it shows : ) Your kitten planter is so sweet, there is a charm about vintage planters that I love. I hope you are finding some smiles today.

Michele said...

Hi Twyla ~ what sweet gifts you got from your children. I just love your guardian angel bear..too cute! I'm very close to my children too...and it's difficult to see them grow up and spread their wings. Your love for your children shows in everything you do and say!



Hey there Twyla and Lindsey too!
I have missed being around and this is the first opportunity in a few weeks that I have had to sit down and visit my buddies. I have so much catching up to do!
Thanks for keeping in touch and the encouraging words Twyla. Hugs to the fur babies!
Lisa & Alfie

Tammy said...

Hello Twyla, You are so lucky to have such a nice bond with your children. I know they appreciate it, also. Those moments you have spent with them will be wonderful memories they can pull out and dust off now and then. Time and love are the greatest gifts of all.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.
I just love your gifts from the children. Your shawl looks cozy.

Rima said...

I love flea markets! Also, great work with the shawl!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Twyla
Just catching up with your blog now we are back.
Your bear your son bought you is gorgeous and I love the special Hallmark ornament from the year you were married. Lindsey's wall hanging looks great.
The knitted blanket looks lovely and cosy and the colors are perfect.
Thanks for sharing your family treasure hunting and crafting.

Knitlee said...

You are so lucky to share in something both you and your children love! As soon as I mention tag sale or flea market my kids run for the hills!