Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finding a real treasure is what makes thrifting, garage saling and going down countless rows of flea market booths so much fun. Knowing that one of these times you will find something really special.

Mom was lucky enough to find this treasure a while back while looking in a thrift store with my Brother.

This 1963 case. Inside was a Twist N Turn Barbie and a couple outfits.

Here is the Barbie. Poor thing has seen much better days. But she still has a certain charm to her sweet little face.

Inside the case was this outfit called Barbie in Holland (1964) #0823. It's missing a few pieces including a pair of wooden shoes.

I am still enjoying playing around with my Skipper Dream Room. Here is a photo showing Barbie wearing a petticoat from the popular Plantation Belle #966 outfit from 1959.

Here is a photo of a dresser I have in the corner of my bedroom showing off some of my favorite Barbie items along with beautiful wooden roses and feathers that I found at Hobby Lobby that are gorgeous!

This is a beautiful case I found on etsy last week. I knew when I saw the pink and aqua colors that I had to add it to my collection! I can't wait to get it!

This is one of the new Barbie's from the Fall 2009 collection. I LOVE her dress featuring images from vintage Barbie booklets.

Wishing you happiness today, Lindsey


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Girls, I just had to stop by for Barbie Wednesday! I love that barbie case you got, in fact, I love all your barbie pictures!
Love, Ann

Holly said...

Love those cases, Lindsey!
Did the Etsy seller say what year your Pink and Aqua case was?

I Hope you find a pair of the wooden shoes for the holland outfit some day!

Thanks for showing us your finds!Hope you have a great day, Lindsey!

~ ♥ ♥ ~

Lynn Jones said...

Just found your blog, and have so many memories of playing with my one-and-only Barbie as I grew up. Now I have a few more, and love them. I will be a faithful reader of your Barbie Wednesdays!

Queenie~ said...

What fun seeing these new "old" treasures Lindsey!
Love that little corner that you have all dolled up in your room!
Have a great day sweetie...and enjoy your finds...they surely are treasures!
Big hug,

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, Lindsey - I love Barbie Wednesdays so much! I am simply enthralled by all of your Barbie treasures.

KatCollects said...

Hi Lindsey,
Yes I love when you find that one treasure sometimes something you didn't even know you wanted but fall in love when you see it : ) The new Barbie coming out is beautiful.

TattingChic said...

Love your barbie case and that petticoat! You always have the funnest Barbie things! Thanks for sharing! :)

Patty said...

I have a miniature version of that round case. I think it was supposed to be a key chain.

Vintage Tea said...

That Barbie is certainly a stunning one from the new collections!

Victoria x

Vintage Tea said...

That Barbie is certainly a stunning one from the new collections!

Victoria x

Tammy said...

Hi Lindsey, I thought of you yesterday while I was in Ollies. They had a Barbie Scrapbook Album and embellishments set. You popped into my mind immediately.
Have a wodnerful weekend.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
We enjoyed your Barbie post today. Jessica loves the Barbie gown made from vintage Barbie Booklets and I love the case you found on Etsy.
Lindsay & Jessica

Knitlee said...

Love Barbie Wednesday! I had the Barbie dream house with the elevator when I was was my favorite! Until I got the Barbie airplane! Stopping by here on Barbie Wed makes me wish I still had my Barbie's!

Pearl said...

Hi Lindsey... Another Fun Barbie post... YAY! The case that your Mom found is very Magical looking, I think... And your round case with the vibrant colors is just awesome! Love seeing Barbie wearing a Pony-Tail... Cute!!

It's a shame that Barbie is missing the wooden shoes... but I bet that you're always on the look-out for them! Hopefully one day you'll find them... Ohhh, it was fun to see a pretty lil corner of your room... Nice!! Hope that this weekend is filled with wonderful things for you...


Jennifer Paganelli said...

loving your blog loving you too!!

MaryEllen said...

Awhh I love seeing the barbie's!
I had the one wearing the green dress and white fur wrap. I got her by trading in my old (bubble haired) barbie.. the new one had "real" eyelashes, and was bendable!.. She wore a Florescent Orange Bikini, with white net top.. but you knew all that didn't you!