Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I found this unusual Barbie display on ebay last week and bought it for my collection. I really enjoy finding the go along Barbie items just as much as the vintage Barbies themselves!

This item definitely seemed unique to me. The bottom piece is made out of metal and the top is cardboard. It's from 1963 but I don't know whether it was a store display or meant for girl's to play with.

The table and lounge chair came with the wardrobe display but is from the New Barbie Dream House.

Here is Mom's Twist N Turn Barbie modeling off a new one piece outfit from the Patio Party #1692 set from 1967.

Here is a page from one of my Barbie magazine's showing some rare and beautiful Twist N Turn and Standard Barbies.

To celebrate Barbie's 50th anniversary Stila makeup brand came out with a Barbie collection only available at Sephora. I hope to get it soon!

Here is today's vintage Valentine.

Thank you for stopping by, Lindsey


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
I think it looks like a display piece. What a fantastic find. I hope you find the make up to add to your collection.
Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

Woa! Check out twist and turn's green boots! ☺

I like that "santa suit" Barbie from your magazine. Interesting the way they applied the blush...

Well, Lindsey, I bet you have as much fun looking for your collecter's items as you do aquiring them!

I still have all your goodies out on the dinning room table so I can look at them every time I walk by! ♥

Judy said...

What a wonderful find...I'm totally enjoying your collection. I have my few Barbies tucked away I should bring them out and display them.

Heidi Ann said...

Wow - you have the most wonderful Barbie stuff! I am in awe of your collection. I am loving her paisley dress!!

Lavender Dreamer said...

What a wonderful display piece! Of course I LOVE your Barbies! Sure brings back memories! And the Valentines are precious!

Queenie~ said...

This is such a fun barbie find to add to your wonderful collection! Love the fashions that she's sporting!
I had a dark haired Barbie once around 1973, and I cut her hair mama couldn't believe I had gotten a hold of some scissors. LOL! I guess this was the official first hair cut, that I gave.... when I was 3 years old. An indication that I would grow up and do hair, no doubt! Which I did do for a couple of years. I guess I cut Barbie's hair off because I saw my grandaddy cutting hair in his barber shop all of the time. I remember thinking that I liked her hair better long. LOL! I haven't thought about that dark haired Barbie of mine in years...thanks for the trip down memory lane.
By the way....Your home is so warm and welcoming...such sweet collections. I love being at home too...your words about home are mine ... exactly, there is just no place like home.
I think all of your Vintage Valentines are so adorable that you have too...thanks for showing all of them! Have a beautiful day...
Big Hugs,

Beth Leintz said...

Oh you're making me want to pull out my Barbie's and play!

Pearl said...

Hi Lindsey... I've never seen a Barbie display/play area like that... how unique! I loved the "Mod" paisley dress that Twyla's Barbie is wearing... COOL... LOL

As always, thanks for the great Valentine!


Vintage Tea said...

My friend is off to the US soon and is going to try and order the Barbie set from Sephora!

Victoria x

TattingChic said...

WHat a fun barbie post! Love the patio get up! It's all so fab!