Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doesn’t this little guy just make you smile? When I picked this up at the flea market, I told my son, “Oh, I found something I love!” It's the cutest little wall pocket I have ever seen.

Lindsey and I picked up some old post cards this weekend. I love that these are still around after all these years. The oldest one is from 1903.

Remember when I showed you my collection of tea trivets and that I collected them for my cousin until she decided she had to many? Well, I was looking in the drawer where I always kept them for her until she came for a visit. Inside was a wrapped package just like I always left them until I was ready to give her. I thought this was strange because I really thought I had given her all of them. I started opening the paper that was wrapped around it and my mouth fell open as it was revealed.

Mushrooms! What is the chance that I accidentally forgot to give her this one?! I don’t even remember seeing it before or where I might have gotten it. They usually stand out in my mind because they are not a common find. I'm really excited to add this one to My collection!

For Valentine’s day Lindsey bought me this pretty apron on etsy.

I’ve struggled with my health lately and the Dr. gave me some news that scared me. After some testing, my worst fears are not the case so I am very happy right now and want to let you all know that you should not take your health for granted. Be thankful everyday for your health because it could all change tomorrow.

Embrace those you love and cherish the things you enjoy.

Wishing you much happiness.


Holly said...

Let's see, Twyla... Can I embrace an cherish you? ♥ Because I enjoy your company so much! ☺

How funny that you forgot about that mushroom tea trivet. I wonder why we remember some of the silliest things and others just totally slip our minds?!

Hope you have a good day my friend!

barbara said...

I'm glad you're OK, Twyla! I think of you every time I wrap my snuggly scarf around my neck (which is daily in this weather!)

Stacey said...

Twyla, I thought you were strangely quiet here lately. You've been worried. I'm sorry you've had that burden on your shoulders. I'll be thinking and praying for you. :)

All of your goodies are adorable. The mushroom trivet is gorgeous. Is it really a trivet? I didn't know they could be pretty like that.

Sherry said...

I love your newest find!! It is unusual and so cute! The trivet and apron are wonderful too!

I'm still sending healthy thoughts your way!!!


Judy said...

I'm glad you got some good news...I love your apron and the trivit is cute, how wonderful to have found that.

kathy said...


Michele said...

Oh Twyla ~ I wondered why you were so quiet lately. I so cherish your friendship...even tho we've never met..you are a friend to me.

Take care and hugz,

Happy @ Home said...

First and foremost I am so relieved to hear that you are okay. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a scare and do hope that all is well with you now.

That is quite an amazing story about the mushroon trivet. I think it sounds like a case of good things happening to good people. Your new wallpocket is adorable as is the sweet apron from dear Lindsey.

leslie said...

I am so glad that your okay... what a scare you much have had! Your in my thoughts!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Twyla
Sorry to hear you had a scare with your health. I hope everything is ok. I am sending you a big hug today.
I enjoyed all your mushroom treasures especially the apron Lindsey gave you and the wall pocket from your son.

creative breathing said...

Twyla, We are all blessed that your health is good. I treasure your contributions to my life! Elizabeth

KatCollects said...

My prayers continue for you. I am so happy you found the mushroom trivet, what a a fun surprise. The apron from Lindsey is so sweet. You made me smile with your comment to me that you just buy everything you want now, LOL. I like your way of thinking : )

Peggy. said...

I'm so happy your news from the Dr was good news.

Peggy. said...

I'm so happy your news from the Dr was good news.

TattingChic said...

That wall pocket is ADORABLE!!! I think it's the cutest one I've ever seen as well!

Glad to hear that you have good news! :)

Knitlee said...

Happy to hear you are in good health!

Patty said...

I'm really glad everything is ok, Twyla. Even if it wasn't though, you'd be alright and get through it just fine. You have a wonderful support system both at home and here too. :)

Vintage Tea said...

I'm glad the news from your doctor was good.

Victoria xx

Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

Good Morning Twyala!
I am so glad that all was well with your tests, that your Doctor did.... and that your health is a-okay. What a relief to know that it's not what you or your doctor thought.
I love your post card finds and the forgotten about trivet...what a nice surprise....it goes perfect with your precious new apron that Lindsey found for you too... Hope you both have a beautiful day~
Big Hug,