Sunday, August 10, 2008

A wonderful Halloween swap

First let me get you in the mood!

These are pictures from our Halloween party last year.

Now think very vintage!

(Photo by Pamela Wiggins)
And here you have it!

This awesome vintage Halloween swap is hosted by the wonderful Heidi of Foxgloves Fabric and Folly! I am so excited to be in this swap! If you missed out on the Sweet and Sinister swap then this is a must! And there aren't any color restrictions with this swap either.
And we all love the look vintage Halloween!

I have already started working on my vintage swap package!

You will have till Monday, August 25th to leave her a comment, letting her know you would like to participate....Please make sure you add your e-mail address to your comment so she can get in touch with you.....As soon as you sign up, she will be sending you each a tiny "Halloween Favor" for signing up....a small assortment of darling Halloween tags...courtesy of Holly at ""..... she's also added a "button" to the right side of her blog, that you can add to your own blogs....Please help her spread the word! After she has all the participants, she will pair you up with a partner,..... e-mailing you to let you know who it is & their specifics.

As for what to send your lucky partner?....she think something with a "vintage feel" would be lovely! she knows she always covets the darling Halloween items that look like pieces from years ago! It can be one thing or a grouping of little Halloween surprises....but should not exceed $20-$30. You are all a creative group out there!! could make something wonderful or purchase your gift!....Either way, please make sure & put a bit of thought in the presentation!...wrap in sweet paper, add a little ribbon, write a wee card!...make it something you would LOVE to receive!!!
And the last thing...You will be responsible to make sure & have your "Halloween" swap box in the mail & sent to your partner by Monday, September 22nd. That way we all will have our suprises in time to set out & use during the month of October.....Also she thought we might all enjoy seeing what each other received, so on Wednesday, October 1st, lets all post about this swap, showing all our "gifts"!!!.....she will add a list of all the participants & their partners & we can go down the list visiting each other! What a great way to kick off October!

Even if you don't want to sign up for the swap go visit her beautiful blog!

Happy Halloween, Lindsey and Twyla



Hi Twyla & Lindsey,
As you already know I signed up and can hardly Wait. Love your vintage Halloween treasures.. :) It's hard to find the old stuff and it's very expensive here!!! Did you know that Anoka, MN. is the Halloween captial of the world..I don't go overboard with it, but I do love the vintage.
Warmly, Deb

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Twyla & Lindsey!!! I don't have the proper words to tell you how overwhelmingly thrilled & honored I am about the incredible blog you posted about my site & the "Halloween Swap"!!!...You outdid yourself!! I just want you to know that you both went out of your way on my behalf & I so completely appreciate your efforts!! You are true friends!!!! Thank you again for your thoughtfulness!.....Heidi XO

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Twyla & Lindsey...I'm already signed up too and I can't wait. I need to start looking around for Halloween treasures when I'm out shopping!


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Twyla and Lindsey, I know I came across your blog once before because you being mother and daughter (love that) and lost you, so now I have it as a favorite. I'm still thinking of doing the Halloween swap, I've joined a few and need to make sure I'll have the time. Your items on Etsy are great.