Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barbie Wednesday

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Okay, now on to Barbie Wednesday! these are some of my reproduction Barbie's. When I was younger and still playing with my Barbie's they started releasing vintage Barbie reproductions. And I have tried to collect as many of them as I could over the years. Mattel truly did a wonderful job.
Here are a few of my favorite's

This one is my favorite of all! I adore her dress and tiara. I would LOVE to have the original. She reminds me of Cinderella in a way. This dress came out in 1963 and was called "Sophisticated Lady".

This is the "35th Anniversary Barbie". This reproduction shows off the face painting and bathing suit of the first Barbie ever made by Mattel. They made them in both blond and brunette versions.

This reproduction is of an American Girl wearing "The Poodle Parade" outfit. You can see even from the reproductions how much detail went into Barbie's wardrobe. For the first few years all of Barbie's clothes were stitched by hand.

This one is named after the dress "Enchanted Evening".
The original fur was made out of rabbit. Mattel even once made a genuine mink stole for Barbie in 1965. A Sears exclusive, it originally sold for $ 9.99.

This is a reproduction of the Twist N' Turn Barbie wearing "All That Jazz".


Okay, now I have been tagged by Patty of Pipstitch to share seven of my quirks. This has not been an easy task. I have just never thought about my quirks that much I guess I like to ignore those kind of things.

So here goes:

1. I have such a huge fear of spiders that somehow if there is a spider in the room I will find it! I don't want to be the one that has to kill it, but I am always looking out for them constantly.

2. I don't like swallowing pills. I can do small ones okay and I will gladly take Ibuprofen when I need it, but that's it!

3. I share the same fear of phones as my Mother! I am not quite as bad as her but still I was never one of those teens that sat in her room on the phone all night long!

4. I really need glasses but I DON'T want them!!!! At all!!!!!!!!! I prefer to pretend that my eyesight is fine! I don't want contacts either. I don't like eye doctors. I don't want one NEAR me!

5. I have an odd fear of food and drinks that have expired! I am always checking experation dates. I have decided that about a week until the expiration date is going to expire, is when I am done with it.

6. I have such a fear of going out of the house without makeup on that I even have nightmares about it.

7. I love movies so much that when I really love a movie I watch it over and over and over never getting tired of it.

Have a happy Barbie Wednesday, Lindsey


Knot Garden said...

Your Barbies are all in such good condition. You obviously take good care of them! I didn't realise that there were so many different ones.
I hate spiders as well but can't kill them, LOL!

Vintage Tea said...

I'm torn... is my favourite Sophisticated Lady or Enchanted Evening???

They're both stunning Barbies.

Victoria xx

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

I love your enchanted evening barbie. She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe... maybe it's the pink dress. :) xoxo, Joanna

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, man, I love your vintage Barbie collection SO much!! I wish I could come over to your house and we could play with them (carefully) like we were 10 years old!


I have only one original Barbie from childhood and she is the first one you showed. Her hair is golden brown. And the second one is the Barbie my sister got. Both of ours are tucked away at mom's home of course.
Lisa & Alfie

leslie said...

I love movies also... when I was a kid I watched The Sound of Music at least 12 times! Make a note of this movie.. you must see it... its called "Still Breathing" with Brendan Fraser. A old-fashioned romance and a really great movie!


Hi Lindsey,
First, you are cracking me up about your a good way. I totally understand about the make up, however you are so pretty, so don't let that be a fear. I get the spider thing :)
Love the Barbies..I think I had the one in the bathing suit. I think she is pretty..could it be the burnette hair ?? :) HUM...
Try contacts..the newer ones you don't even feel on your eyes..I never thought I'd put anything on my eye and now I just love I have read somewhere..FEEL THE FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY... :)
Take care. Hugs, Deb :)

FourSistersInACottage said...

You are in my Halloween Swap!!! YEAH!!!
Feel free to add the logo to your blog.
Please send your full address and email address to me at
so I can match you with your swap partner!!!! ALSO, let me know if you have a blog and the address of it....or if you don't have one, that's okay too.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow--what a great collection of Barbies you have--they are so pretty!!

I am the same as you about the movies--I get teased all the time by my family because I can pretty much recite certain movies word-for-word!

Smiles, Karen

Happy @ Home said...

Hi Lindsey,
I remember that striped bathing suit. I think I might even still have that one.

But, I adore that Enchanted Evening. She is so glamorous.

I share your fear of spiders and we have some huge ones here in NC.


queen-of-nostalgia said...

LOVE your blog! I saw you visited mine the other day, and had to come check you out! I think I could spend an entire weekend just looking at all the pretties :) Absolutely wonderful!

Linda Lou said...

I HATE spiders, a deep seated quirk for me, and LOVE movies, and I finally got rid of the "cheaters" and purchased some real old lady glasses so I can see what the heck I am doing!!!

Debbie said...

Love all the pretties on your blog. WOW I could stay here all day and look at them I HATE spiders also.

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Twyla & Lindsey,

Thanks for popping by my blog to say hi. I've just enjoyed a coffee and a sit down while reading through your lovely blog.

I have to say, I love your furry babies Spencer and Muffin. Are they Bichon's? I have a Bichon Freise called Gypsy who is my Studio buddy....sshhh...I tell everyone she is my favourite child too...LOL
Shabby Art Boutique

Dawn said...

Ha. You and I share in the fear of never appearing in public w/o make-up....relieved to hear that I am not the only one.

Love all of your Barbies! Like I said -- I will be over just play dress-up with them.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey and Twyla,
I know I just posted the other day, but I forgot to tell you that I have now finished reading all your archives!! Great fun! I especially love Barbie Wednesdays!! Love to see all your collection! Anyway, keep entertaining us, PLEASE!!

Patty said...

Oh, I love Enchanted Eevening! But I also love that outfit and purse with the poodle. They're all great, Lindsey, and look like new. And, thanks for sharing your quirks!

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