Sunday, August 24, 2008


Warning! If you can't handle too much cuteness then please look away now!

We had so much fun Saturday! We went to a flea market that we hadn't been to in awhile not thinking they had much of the kind of vintage stuff we liked and golly, we found so many things we wanted, we plan on going back next Saturday!

I really liked the reindeer. Not for sure what it is but he just has a certain charm to him!

I was in vintage card heaven! I have found more than this before, but these had some of the cutest graphics I have ever seen! I will share a few of them this week.

I especially am partial to this poodle card!

I love how this vintage boot Mom got, matched one of my vintage Christmas cards!

We also stopped at couple of garage sales along the way and found this beautiful milk glass bowl.

I love my newest vintage books. The Raggedy Ann & Andy Christmas book is precious!

This vintage platter that I found at the thrift store still had a flea market price sticker on it.

Aren't they cute?! They both definitely have personality!

We've got a busy week ahead of us! We have an award to post about and we've been tagged twice! Not to mention our regular Tuesday and Wednesday posts and oh yeah, we have our 100th post giveaway coming up this week! Get ready for that! It's almost here!

Lindsey and Twyla


Patricia said...

Your finds are adorable - I think the pattern is my favorite. You won't believe this, I have the same lovely milk glass bowl !!! Have a wonderful week.

Jen r. said...

I Have that white milk glass bowl in my dining room and love it! Good find! Jen R

Vintage Tea said...

I loved the cuteness overload!!

I just can't decide what is my favourite... the Horse and Carriage... The NOEL... the cards... the books... or may just ALL of it!!!

Victoria x

countrygirl3031 said...

You ladies found some really awesome treasures!!! Love it all!



Hi "Girls" :)
I have Cuteness Envy :) :)
Very cute, love the Noel angels, and of course the CARDS, and that is so cool that the card matches the boot....Wowwee.
I have a few milk glass pieces. It seems around here, it's not what anyone wants. I think it looks great for all the seasons. Glad you like it too. I had to read your blog before I "got back to you"
Warmly, Deb

Sherry said...

I love the pattern!! What a cute and fun looking dress! That horse and carriage looks like something that came straight out of Cinderella. You guys had a lucky and fun day it looks like!


leslie said...

Cuteness indeed! I tried to look away but just couldn't! I so recognize many of these items from my childhood! I wish I could have predicted that someday they would all be considered treasures! I particularly loved the first item.. the little baby flower vase! Thanks for posting these!

Happy @ Home said...

A lot of cute things here. I must admit my absolute favorite is the NOEL angels. I have quite a large collection of angels from that era.

It sounds like you have a busy and fun week ahead of you.