Tuesday, August 5, 2008

As you may know, my favorite place to craft is in my sunroom and I have been showing you corners of my sunroom in several of my last posts. Here is a picture of my wicker chair (from a garage sale) with the very pretty new pillow I got at a flea market on my birthday. Looks like a lovely spot doesn’t it? Well, the thermometer in my sunroom says it is 112 degrees, but I am sure the heat index is higher. I am unable to enjoy my little sunroom this week.

Spencer keeps cool by laying on the vent. I think that’s pretty smart.

I have been collecting Hallmark Christmas ornaments since the late 1970’s. I love them dearly and enjoy when family and friends add to my collection every year. One of my favorite series is the Frosty Friends series that started in 1980. The first one I got was in 1983 and have most of them ever since. I did manage to find a 1982, but the first in the series, 1980’s A Cool Yule, is one of the rarest of all and worth, according to the collector guide, $600. Every year when my BFF, Susan helps decorate our tree I always point out that I have almost all of them but the very first one. ( A little hinting never hurts. ) Well, you remember the shocked look on my face in last Tuesday’s post of me opening a birthday present? Guess what was in that box?

Yep, she did it! Got on ebay and found a good (I sincerely hope) deal on one that was in good shape, just no box. She is a good friend.

This is a picture of our collection of little baby planters. We like to use them to hold craft supplies and they just look so cute. We love the pastel colors and the ’vintage-ness’ of them.

I have been working on some granny square projects lately. I made this granny square afghan in the early 1990’s thinking that it would be the last one I ever made. I thought at that time I would never have that much left over yarn again. What was I thinking?

I am ‘into’ them again. The potholders I made for our etsy is what started it and now I’m granny crazy.

I’m working on a doll blanket in pretty, vintagie colors.

Gosh, I’ve met so many wonderful ladies in blogland this last week, I am having a hard time recommending just one. I guess because she posts so often and is really a go –getter, I am going to recommend Bittersweet and the Little Soap Company. Jill is such a sweet lady. Love her spirit.
I like to collect quotes. Here is one that suits us all I think: A little of what you fancy does you good. - Marie Lloyd.
Wishing you much happiness! Twyla


Vintage Tea said...

I just love your collection of vintage planters!

Victoria x

Sherry said...

The vintage planters are wonderful! I am working on a granny square baby blanket for my son's speech therapist. I like making the squares I just hate sewing them together!

Have a great day!

countrygirl3031 said...

Spencer is cracking me up...he's so adorable...and smart!!

Your collection of planters is so cute..and I so agree with you about the sunroom being too hot. My craft room is the front porch that is screened in...no thermometer out there, but it has to be over 100..yuck!


Knot Garden said...

I love the soft colours of your vintage planters. Holding craft supplies is a good way to use them.
Spencer is a sensible dog to sit where it's cool!

Kali said...

Dear Twyla ~ Your pictures of your home and collections are gorgeous.
Your friend is a gem and little Spencer adorable!

xo Kali

p.s. My Etsy goodies arrived this morning and I love each and every piece! Your handiwork is truly beautiful..thank you so much!


You poor gal...I would melt at ll2.
I think it's hot here when it's in the high 80-90's!!! Love seeing your puppy :) The vintage planters are SO CUTE....My sunroom is in the front of the house, West sun, and it's my favorite room, except when it's HOT..
Take care, Deb


Okay Twyla,
You know I have to crack up at that picture of Spencer! He reminds me so much of Alfie, especially in the heat! What a cutie pie! Have you made him a granny afghan yet?
Lisa & Alfie

Happy @ Home said...

Spencer is one smart doggie.
Too bad you can't enjoy your sunroom now, but I bet it will be lovely in the fall.
Wow, what a friend you have in Susan. I was going to tell you to hang onto her, but I can see in you picture that you already are.

Thank you so very much for your sweet e-mail and kind comments. It means a lot to me.


Dawn said...

LoVe the idea about vintage planters holding crafting items (don't worry, that sound is my husband groaning about filling our house with these treasures! *grin*)

Your crochet projects look lovely!

Patty said...

The planter with the Q-tips is so cute! My mom still buys my sister and me a Hallmark ornament every year. I think my sister has some of the Frosty Friends series. That's so cool that your friend got you an ornament for your birthday. I hope you'll share more of your collection, Twyla.

Elizabeth said...

How great that your friend found that ornament! I just found the first in a series from 1984 that my dad has needed all these years!