Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well here it is Barbie Wednesday! I will start with my oldest ones. This is a #3 ponytail Barbie. Unfortunately the girl who owned her cut off her ponytail. They made 6 different ponytail Barbies making little changes to their makeup and style each time.
I believe I bought her at a flea market a year or so ago. My collection of clothes have mostly come from lots on ebay and a few flea markets.

This is Barbie's original best friend Midge. She came in three different hairstyles. red, blonde and brunette. This was Barbie's school teacher dress.

This is the #2 Ken doll. The first had flocked hair and it rubbed of too easily so they created a painted hair version.

This is the first one with the flocked hair. I have noticed with all of the Ken dolls I own that they all have problems with their arms falling out of their sockets. I was wondering if any of you that own one have this problem too?

Aren't they quite a pair!

This is Barbie's Nurse outfit on a very well played with red haired Midge!

This is Barbie's Friday night out outfit. This is one of her more well known outfits used on Several other vintage Barbie products.

Unfortunately I don't own one of the original black and white striped bathing suits! Something I really must buy soon!

This is Ken's original doll case. You can see that the Barbie on the case is wearing the Friday night out dress.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a small part of my large collection, Lindsey


Anonymous said...

I love your Barbie Collection.
I am a Barbie collector too.

I can't wait to see more!

Best Wishes,

Natasha Burns said...

I love love love your Barbies! Wow that is a small part of a large collection??!!! What a shame the ponytail was cut off the first one : (

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey there dolls,
I love love love this post, as you know i would!!!
im so into barbie wedensdays!!!!

driftwood shack said...

hey i think i dated ken in school!

Bethany said...

Cool Barbies!! I really love that gold dress...would love to have it in my size! Hmmm...maybe I might have to knock off Barbie! lol

Boyd said...

hey i think i dated ken in school!