Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A new swap

I can't wait to get started on this! Halloween is always such an awesome holiday for a crafter!
Happy Tuesday, Lindsey


leslie said...

Thank you thank you for your comment on my blog. Slowly but surely folks are starting to discover it and leave a few comments! I am having a lot of fun with it so far... and promise to post more knit/crochet things... I just finished a pretty little lap warmer for a friend but need to hold off on posting the photo until she receives it. Your blog is fun to read... full of cute vintage items! I ordered the Baileys coffee cups a couple of months ago from EBay and won't drink my coffee from anything else now! Have a good Wednesday!

MaryEllen said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog,
I love yours
I love that it's a mom and daughter thing, that's great!
I have saved your blog to my favorites, and I will visit frequently, to see what's new! I would like to add your Blog to my list of favorites.
Also.. I would love to participate in the ATC Halloween swap, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HALLOWEEN! I just treated myself to a few pieces from "Johanna Parker".. omg.. they're soo adorable.
Who buys Halloween decorations in May, unless they LOVE Halloween right?
take care, MaryEllen

Cami said...

Halloween is the funnest! I keep all of mine under a bathroom cabinet. Well, the new stuff I junk for all year long. This way I can pull it out quick near the end of Sept. Love your blog. And I hope my 10 year old daughter got my crafty/vintage gene. Time will tell.

Angela Harris said...

Hey guys! I'm in this one too. I've never done an ATC before so that one should be interesting. I recieved your package yesterday! It was so fun opening it. I think my favorite is the handmade little girl banner. Just adorable! I have it in my daughter's room. & this green tag you made is so precious. You guys did great & found alot of things parasol. Very impressive! It was hard though. Thanks so much!