Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can you believe it's that time again? The weeks sure do fly!
This is my Bubble Cut Barbie. I saved up my own money to buy her at a flea market several years ago.
This was one of Mom's original dresses for her Barbie's.
Sometime during my destructive younger years we lost the original pink dress that went underneath. This one is from a newer Barbie.

This is one of the original Barbie cases from 1961.

One of Barbie's more cheaper outfits. It has the barbie label on the inside. If it hadn't had that I would have thought it was handmade.

This was Barbie's barbecuing apron. Cute but almost didn't fit over Barbie's hairdo.

Were almost there! I can smell the flea market bargains already, Lindsey


Andrea said...

Thanks for posting your Wednesday
Barbie Collection.

Yes, the weeks do go by so fast.

Best Wishes,

Sherry said...

This is it!! That is the first Barbie Doll I ever had! I can't believe you found one! OMG, I'm so excited for you!!


Scrappy Jessi said...

so so cute!!
i love that case.
and that apron rocks.
i love that you are so crazy about barbie too.