Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm goin' to Nashville

The first weekend in July I, (Lindsey) Will be going to Nashville, TN with my Aunt to see Ringo Starr in concert!

My Mom, my Aunt and I are really BIG Beatle fans!

I will have to share a few pictures of my collection sometime.

Back in 2005, the three of us went to Omaha, NE to see a Paul McCartney concert! It was awesome!

I was going to show you a couple pictures of us from that trip but after an hour of looking through my stacks of photos with no luck I have given up. I will try to find them and show you before we leave.

So If there are any Nashville bloggers or bloggers who have been to Nashville, let us know what we should see while were there!

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MaryEllen said...

Have fun in Nashville!!
... ok, just to be clear... the daughter is Lyndsay? and Mom is Twyla right? lol.
Make some Halloween art! : )
Have a great week.