Sunday, April 27, 2008

What a day

Wow! I feel like I died and went to flea market heaven yesterday!
We discovered this week that there is a huge flea market in the middle of town that we didn't even know existed.
A friend that we work with had sent me some pictures she took (mostly of poodles) while flea marketing earlier this week of things she thought I would like.
When I asked her where she got them she told me Charlie's. I looked at her and said "where?". I had never heard of it before. I could not believe that there was a flea market here in town that had such cute poodle stuff and I had never been. My Mom said she had heard of it before but didn't know where it was at. So needless to say I found out where it was with plans to go this weekend to buy a cute vintage poodle planter she had told me about.
The next day when I got to work there was a bag in my locker and there inside was the poodle planter. She had gone back after work to buy it for me. I was so thrilled it made my day!

She also got me this adorable kitty book and vintage patterns.

So after going to our usual favorite stores Saturday morning we headed out to find Charlie's Place flea market. When we pulled in to the parking lot there were tables set out across the end of the lot, turns out they were having a parking lot sale this weekend to.
So we glanced at a few tables but we were too eager to get inside to concentrate on what was out there. I did find a table of vintage jewelry outside so I got a hand full their for only two dollars!
When we walked in the door I can only describe the feeling as if I were Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz walking out of her house into the magical land of Oz.
This place was huge and was filled with rows upon rows of booths. I was giddy with excitement of what I was gonna find! I am sure I looked pretty stupid cause the grin on my face was huge! After about the fourth booth I had a hand full of beautiful vintage cards all fifty cents each! By the time we were half way through we were wishing they provided carts cause our arms were full!

I amazingly managed to restrain myself not to spend too much although I have feeling I will want go back all the time!
It was a vintage lovers dream come true! I couldn't help but think of all my blog friends as I went down the aisles. I seen a booth filled with vintage dresses that would have looked amazing on Jennifer of Sweet eye Candy Creations and enamel flower pins that I read that Scrappy Jessi collects, but I sadly could not afford everything I wanted or I would have bought half the store!
After we left there we headed to another flea market down the street that we hadn't been to in a while and I ended up spending twice as much there. I sure didn't expect to, but I couldn't pass this stuff up. Most of it was only a dollar each so in the end it was worth it. I love all my goodies and can't wait to get started creating and displaying with my cute stuff but first I've got to finish up getting ready for the upcoming parties!

I have most pictures ready for the childhood party, but I need to tap in to my pirate side for more inspiration on getting ready the Pirate Soiree. I can't wait to see what everyone creates for that. I am sure once I start looking at the participating blogs I'm going to start kicking myself thinking wow, why didn't I think of that. Can't wait!
Here are the things I picked up at the thrift stores yesterday morning. The poodles were at a little thrift store benifiting the local animal shelter.

So I have a new favorite flea market and a new favorite friend at work who with out I might not have ever found this flea market!

Have an inspiring week everyone, Lindsey


Scrappy Jessi said...

SCORE!!!! what great finds!! so fun

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Great finds! Love those cards. You're right, I was at a sale Friday thinking about which things my blog friends would like. Adds a whole new layer of fun!

Patty said...

I love that cute planter! Actually, I love all of your stuff. I just found your blog through A Post a Day in May at All Sorts and I know I will be back. :)

susan said...

wow, lots and lots of goodies!!! i love flea markets too, but havent been able to go for ages! is it just me or would that saucey squirrel make an adorable embroidery??

Angela Harris said...

Ohh. I'm in love with all of your baby card finds! Where did you say this wa sin Mo.? I'm trying to find baby ephemera for my girls scrapbook albums & baby boxes.