Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Sunday

What a rainy cold week it's been here. Not a very good for way for me to get back in the creative spirit. I'm trying to create cute stuff for spring but it's just not coming very easily so far. My problem is I would rather just be sitting here at the computer looking at all of my favorite blogs seeing what awesome things everyone else is doing instead of getting my butt in gear.
I was visiting Scrappy Jessi's blog yesterday and got in on her Childhood Toy Party, May 1st. Whooohooooo!!!!
I can't wait this is going to be fun. The BEST part of it all is when I signed up I actually got an email back from the amazing Jessi herself! Telling me She would add us to the list. WOW! It was only a few lines long but wow I was just assuming That the email went through I didn't think she would take the time to email me back. WOW!

So besides looking at blogs continuously for hours we have been shopping. Retail therapy has been good.

So first I have question for anyone who knows. What the heck is thing????! We bought it at a thrift shop and they were hoping that we knew what it was, But it was to intriguing not to buy. It could potentially be a very handy something or other we just don't know what yet. There is a part on it that is fuzzy and some part of it screws into that part. If that helps at all :)

Score for me on the vintage pattern find!!!! I think it's funny that once again the first question that popped out of the woman trying to look at them next to me and the cashier are "You must like to sew". As if there could be no other reason why I would find these patterns so attractive.

I love sitting pretties. Not that I have a place to sit them but that's not gonna stop me from buying them.

I now consider myself an Apronista! I found several new aprons Saturday to add to my collection. So I think now maybe I am worthy of calling myself one.

I found this bag of feedsack fabric just sitting there calling my name telling me buy me, buy me. So how could I resist that?

I am very quickly running out of room to store my vintage children's books, but I love the illustrations to much to pass them up.

I don't know for sure if this was handmade or bought, But it has a partially ripped off MGM price tag on the bottom so I don't know but I like it. The tag just called it a Wizard of Oz box.

Here is a hanging banner I made awhile back that I forgot about. I used a vintage image of Little Red Riding Hood for it.

April fifth was my Aunt's Birthday and I was in charge was the decorations this year instead of being at the mercy of our local party store's stuff. I went for an Oriental, kimono, Geisha theme (We always have a theme) this year. I made the big kimono out of a plastic tablecloth. Thank goodness for the DCWV Far east paper for making it all coordinate.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, Lindsey


Scrappy Jessi said...

you guys are so fun! i love all your treaures! i adore the oz shoes. fab! thanks for the shout out about the toy party. we are going to have so much. there are already 20 girls signed up. so it should be a blast.
see ya soon

Holly said...

LOVE that little red riding hood banner! I think we like the same things!

Haley said...

It looks like that mystery object with the screw is part of a yarn swift. It's missing the umbrella part and the part that's left attaches it to a table.