Sunday, April 27, 2008

A new passion

Recently my mom discovered Dutch blogs. The clean,crisp and uncluttered style of them is very beautiful. I enjoy them, but she loves them. Now she wants to paint everything white! She is very inspired by the simple beauty of their lives and homes.
I have listed to the side her favorite ones. Maybe one of you will discover you love Dutch blogs too!

Here are pictures of a blue collar she crocheted for Muffin. I think his silvery fur looks pretty with the blue.

These two dolls are Mom's new treasures. The bigger one we found at a thrift store. Mom crocheted the blue shoes for her .

The little one's basket crib was bought at the thrift store and the doll I found at a flea market in a half price booth.

I found this Mason jar this weekend but it was missing it's lid so Mom created this Jar bonnet for it. I love it. I think it's cuter than a lid.

Happy crafting, Twyla and Lindsey

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