Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twyla on Tuesday

Hello dear ones!
It is hard to believe Christmas is over for
another year.  It is my hope that everyone had
a wonderful time with family and friends.
Our own family enjoyed the many traditions that
make each year special.

I wanted to share a couple of my gifts.
The vintage planter, above, was a gift from Lindsey
She is absolutely beautiful!
It is by Relpo.

This beautiful motto print was a gift from my son.
I collect these and although I have many pretty ones,
I think this is one of the prettiest!
It is dated 1927 on the back in an inscription
that reads 'to momma, from Connie'.

My children know me very well and they don't
shop for mom at the mall.  What in the world
would they find me there?!
I am very blessed in so many ways.
It is always a pleasure to share my interests
with my blog friends.  Thank you so much
for spending some of your day with me.
Love, Twyla


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year ! !
May the year bring you Good Health & Happiness ! !

Happy@Home said...

Beautiful gifts, Twyla. Your kids really do know you well and I'm so glad you share with us.
Wishing you happiness in the New Year.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Well now! If it isn't the Twyla on Tuesday post! (Spoken with an Irish accent) ☺

Such sweet gifts from you kiddos, Twyla. You are lucky that your children know you. Micah's getting there. He gave me $25.00 FOR FABRIC instead of just money. :) But he also gave me some new frying pans because he can't stand mine. Hee-hee!

Have a great day, sweet friend! ♥

Cindy said...

What great gifts! Your kids do know you, don't they?

Shelley said...

What wonderful gifts...they certainly say Twyla :)
Blessings dear friend.

Lisa said...

You have a very good family to find the goodies you love for you! I am glad your Christmas was great!
Hugs, Lisa

Nan said...

Oh lovely presents from you family.

Sandy said...

How blessed youa re! My sons don't really know how many things I love...Bryan did get me avintage glass Avon parakeet bottle one year for my birthday, I saw it in an antique mall and he went back and got it, I think that counts as being thoughtful! :):)
This year I got a 2TB external hard drive and an nifty hand sander....I asked for both! As far as the EHD, digital scrapbooking, here I come!!!!
Oh and my husband got me an American Girl Doll...Kit! She is from the 1930's...I also have Molly and her friend Emily, Emily is my favorite...too many collections that is for sure!

Sophia said...

These are lovely gifts. Precious. :)

And I wish the "after" Christmas would last much longer than it does. Sigh.

Hugs :)

donna said...

What great gifts from your children. You are truly blessed.