Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Barbie Wednesday

Hello friends!
Today I wanted to share a few photos from older Barbie Wedneday posts

I was looking back through my posts and thought that you might enjoy seeing photos that I shared back in 2008!

These are random photos of some of my favorite pieces such as this Twist N Turn Barbie and case.

My #4 Ponytail found at a Flea Market. Her ponytail was chopped off but I love her! As you can see in the photo her face is greasy. Greasy face is caused by plasticiser leaking out of the doll's face, and it can't be cured. It was commen is #4 and #5 ponytails.

This is a photo of my collection of Vintage Barbie Suzy Goose furniture. I love collecting these pieces!

I now have the trio! I purchased the Jacob doll last week so that I would have the set as I am a very big Twilight fan! Mattel anounced recently that they will release an Alice doll this Fall.

Hope you are having a lovely Spring day, Lindsey


Jill said...

Love that Jacob-- tatoo,and all. Can't wait to see how they dress Alice. She's such a little fashionista in the book!

LiLi M. said...

Sorry, I have been so busy with my collections project that I couldn't comment on each and every of your posts! It might interest you that the final part of my collection serie today contains a part of my collection of Barbie dolls. Love your vintage Barbies that long haired American girl is tdf! And your ponytail, a flea market find, unbelievable. Over here Barbie was introduced around 1964 so we start at nr. 5 or nr. 6 but usually we find the bubble cuts. I'll check your blog for some earlier Barbie posts some rainy day. Why is life far too short?

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Can't wait to see Alice! Did you get the Jacob with the upside down tatoo or the fixed one? ♥

Florence and Mary said...

Oh I hope I can get the Alice doll!

Victoria x

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Lindsey,

I have that same "greasy" face issue with an original Rose O'neil Kewpie that I have, except it's the whole body. I love your vintage setups. I didn't have my very own Barbie until I was in third grade and I actually picked out "talking Midge." What's funny is that I lived in Boulder Colorado at the time, and we had this terrible "hurricane" force wind storm one night. As we hunkered down in the basement, I kept pulling the string all night long, keeping Midge chatting away, driving everyone else crazy, but at least I wasn't so scared. There was horrible damage the next morning, but because Midge kept me company through the night, I wasn't as scared! I now have 4 Barbies tucked under my bed in a box in case of another hurricane force wind.......which is highly unlikely here in Arizona!

Have a great day!

Pam said...

Pretty cute! Jacob looks pretty good, tattoo and all! My niece is a huge Twilight fan also. Cute post!

Creative Breathing said...

Lindsey, How funny that Jacob has a 6-pack. Boy could Ken have used one! I am so excited that you are making a ribbon. I hope to be able to see them all over our community. I just know you will get a few to join! Have fun! E

Lisa said...

Barbie!! Yea! You have a great Vintage collection!!
Hugs, Lisa

Country Dreaming said...

Very cute!