Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This week I’m just keepin’ it real, girls. It’s been one of those weeks, the kind that we all have (I think). I must have angered the water leak gods or something.

We came home last Tuesday evening to find water standing in the kitchen floor in front of the refrigerator. There was water dripping from the 'water in the door spout' that hasn’t worked in years. We’ve had this refrigerator since 1997.

We had to keep towels to soak up the water until my husband could take a look at it the next day. What he found was the spout in the back that supplies water to the icemaker had corroded and was stuck on. It took a whole evening to get the parts he needed to fix it but we were blissfully dry for the first time in 24 hours.

Then, Saturday evening Lindsey was in the kitchen making muffins when she came around the corner where I sat and said, ‘The sink is leaking.’ Well, that’s not uncommon, I knew I had a big pan underneath to catch any drips. ‘No, it’s Really leaking!’ I ran to see what was happening.

I had been doing a load of dishes and the water was gushing out the pipe. I shut off the dishwasher and I thought I needed to get that pan emptied so it could catch the rest of the water that was running out. I had Lindsey help me lift the very full, very heavy pan up to the sink where, what did I do? Yep, poured the water down the drain. Well, Lindsey had herself a good laugh. It didn’t occur to me where that water was going to go. I had to scramble to get another big bowl to put under there to catch That water.

I’m not taking anything for granted, but we’ve been dry now since late Saturday night.

This is a picture of my collection of wall pockets. This is above the island in the kitchen.

This is my kitchen island. It is hard keeping it clear because everything lands here. I don’t have a lot of counter space, so most of our ‘cooking’ is done here.

Everything was back to normal Monday so I made a pot roast. I had to try out my new roasting pan. It looks like I'm feeding an army, doesn't it?

I hope that you all are having a most blessed week! Twyla


TattingChic said...

Gosh I hope you get the fridge fixed soon!

Anonymous said...

Boy,that roast looks good - looks like my mom's cooking! I miss her a lot and sometimes I find myself missing her cooking, too.Sorry about all the leaks. I hate it when several things go wrong at once, but glad you got it all under control. Your wall pockets are sweet, too.
Blessings, Sarita

Stacey said...

That sounds little like my week or two when every appliance broke. My conclusion is that you just have to laugh! Then cross your fingers and hope nothing else happens.

That roast looks delish!

Holly said...

Oh my! Ha-ha! Sorry, but I had a good laugh with Lindsey!! ☺ We had plumbing problems last week, too! Water squirting everywhere- just like in the movies. Ha-ha! I have no idea how any of that plumbing stuff works. The funny thing is- my husband does know how it all is "supposed" to work but we still had mysterious water leak problems. Oh well, at least my floors had a good cleaning. ☺

Must be nice to have that big island- even if it does end up being a landing place. I know, I had one before. It would get cleaned off when company came and I would vow to keep it that way and then... oh well. ☺

Sorry, but I had to skip past your roast... For some reason, pictures of food (on blogs) grosses me out! That is, unless it's sweets. Weird huh? You can tell I'm not a "foodie". ☺

well, I hope this week will go a little smoother for you, Twyla!

~ ♥ ♥ ~

Vintage Tea said...

Oh dear... dare I say it never rains when it pours ;o)

Your pot roast looks yum! Is there any leftover?!

Victoria xx

Pearl said...

Sure am glad to hear that things have dried up for y'all... It's a blessing to have a Handy-Man Hubby, isn't it? Mine seems to know how to fix most everything, too, thankfully. Your wallpockets are just Darling... such a fun collection to have! And, I just Love your new enamelware... I have quite a bit of it, and it really is great for cooking. Of course, now I want a Pot Roast Dinner for this evening! Hope 'n pray that everyone and everything is doing alright at your place...
God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~



I just know I would have done the same thing (pouring the water back down the drain) as you did. It's habit. Nothing that great looking meal wouldn't fix.Have a great day you two!
Lisa & Alfie

Protector of Vintage said...

So sorry to hear about the plumbing issues!! My brother recently experienced a fridge leak that damaged part of the kitchen floor and basement ceiling. I can suffer through most household problems just as long as the toilet and main drain are not involved!!!

The roast looks delicious!! Take care~

Heidi Ann said...

I can't even remember the last time I had pot roast. Man, that looks good!!

Nan said...

Oh that's funny about the sink. Sounds like me !!

creative breathing said...

Twyla, I am so happy you have "clueless" moments, too! I would not have thought about the drain either! Your charm me with your Tuesdays! Elizabeth

Michele said...

Haha...sorry, but that would have been something I would do...pour the water back down the sink...and then yell at Glenn to help!

Your roast looks yummmyy!!!!

Hope things stay dry your way for awhile!


Anonymous said...

What time did you say dinner was?......That roast looks so good!...........We had the water works here too a few months back with our fridge. A month after the water leak we smelled smoke and that plastic heat smell the darn fridge burned up a motor!!! Have a great day!!!! Hugs


Hi Twyla & Lindsey,

I love your kitchen island...no room in my galley kitchen for anything like that !!
Looks like I missed a yummy roast dinner.
Hopefully, all your water problems are over and life will calm down:)
Talk to you soon.

Linda Lou said...

Sorry about your leak mishaps, we had a leak on Christmas morning, dripping from the cabinets above the refrigerator!! That pot roast sure looks good, hope your kitchen troubles are behind you!

Happy @ Home said...

Oh my goodness, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things stay dry over at your house.

I see the new roaster works well as that pot roast looks scrumptious.

Sherry said...

I would have dumped the water down the drain too! I mean where else would you dump it???? I hope you have a dry weekend!!


KatCollects said...

Hi Twyla,
I had to laugh when you said you poured the water down the drain : ) Your pot roast looks soooo good. I have been craving what I call comfort foods lately with all that is going on. Tonight I am making my home made version of Olive Gardens soup with Kale, potatoes, onions, Italian sausage and cream. I am trying to catch up on my blog reading. My computer does not like me these days and shuts down constantly. I hope you are having a great week.

MaryEllen said...

ohhh! WATER PROBLEMS!... yikes! Pouring it back down the drain was pretty funny though! I'm glad everything is fixed and back to normal!
Your house looks lovely, and I love all of yours and Lindsey's collections.
The Pot roast looks so delicious!
Have a great weekend!

alex said...

What a funny Food. i thinks is delicious too.. i love it.. keep posting.

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