Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello friends! We have had such a fun weekend so far! Friday night, my Brother and I went to Borders for the Twilight movie midnight release party! It was a really long night but we accomplished our goal! We came out with our copies of Borders exclusive edition of the movie!

I recently did an ATC swap and here are the beautiful cards I received!

Mom and I took a trip today to a town about half an hour away to visit their 3 flea markets where I found the cute book picture at the top of the post. Every time we go we always stop in at their local scrapbook store and today was no exception. They have a wonderful store filled with the newest collections from my favorite brands! Here are the lovely sheets I got today.

While checking out, we found out that amazingly they are going to open up a second store in our city! But that's not the best part! We are REALLY close! Within a couple minutes close! I wish I had known about it sooner so I am afraid I am already too late but I have applied to work there! It would be so wonderful! I am asking please for your hopes and prayers that I could get so lucky and have a job there! I really hope so! But if not, I will still enjoy shopping there so much!

I wanted to share a few of the layouts that I have been working on to sale on ebay.

This layout was inspired by my Mom's love for mushrooms!

I really enjoy the art of scrapbooking but I don't always have photos to go along with the beautiful paper, so I decided to pre-make layouts and sell them.

Sorry for the quality of the photos. It's been a wet and gloomy day here.

This is a Marie Antoinette inspired layout.

I used a vintage pin on this page and a vintage earring on the other page.

This is my newest layout I just finished. A Spring Easter layout.

I love Cosmo Cricket's double sided scrapbook paper! It is definitely my favorite brand. This is their spring line from last year.

I love how it turned out using my vintage Easter cards!

Please wish me lots of luck! I am really excited!

Wishing you happiness, Lindsey


Anonymous said...

LOVE it all! Especially the sweet Easter images on your scrapbook layouts, and the precious children's book.
Sarita in Texas

Anonymous said...

Good luck Lindsey!! I am sure you will get the job!

Very nice job on the scrapbook pages!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

KatCollects said...

Your pages turned out great! I hope you get the job at the scrapbook store.

Pearl said...

So nice to hear that y'all had such a wonderful weekend... Also good to know that your swap package arrived ~ glad you liked your ATC's... You did a terrific job with your scrapbook pages. I'll say a prayer for you to have success on eBay, and also that you may get a job at the new store. I hope that you have a peaceful Sunday... Please send my Hello's to your Sweet Mom...
God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Holly said...

Oh how fun it would be for you to work there, Lindsey!!! (Please, Lord, please Lord?) Those type of stores often have scrapping events, too! Be sure and put on you application that you have 2 mail order craft shops of your own! (Ooops! sorry! I had a little "mom moment" there! Hee!)

Well, I love your layouts! You have such an eye for design! Love your kitty book, too and I really love you too, girl! ♥

Happy @ Home said...

Lovely scrapbook layouts you have made, Lindsey.

How exciting to have that shop opening so close to you. I wish you good luck in getting a job there. I just know you would be perfect for it.

barbara said...

Lindsey - those layouts are wonderful! I really like the mushroom one. Good luck in applying there - they'd be lucky to have you!

TattingChic said...

Those layouts are darling! Love the idea of making the layouts to sell! That way you can still have a fabulous excuse to scrap and pay for the habit! :)

TattingChic said...

Those layouts are darling! Love the idea of making the layouts to sell! That way you can still have a fabulous excuse to scrap and pay for the habit! :)

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Lindsey
Your scrap booking layouts are excellent. My favorite is the mushroom one with the cute little owl sitting up there in the tree.
I will pray that you get the job Lindsey. You are the most perfect person for the job. If I lived in your town I would go in the shop and tell them so myself.
Sending you lots of good luck and all my prayers.

Vintage Tea said...

Haven't you been having fun.

Victoria x

Anonymous said...

With such beautiful work like you do, they would be CRAZY not to hire you!! I love the one with the victorian lady on it. I wish I could do scrapbooking like that but if I start another hobby my husband will have a fit!! Good luck with the job! Jennifer


Hi Lindsey,
The ATC swap was FUN... and I think we all made great little cards.
Of course I'll say a prayer..if it's meant to be , IT WILL!!!
Very nice scrapbook pages and can't wait to see your new treasures.
Deb :)

LBP said...

Wow! Lindsey! I think if the new scrapbook store saw some of your layouts they would love to hire you. I scrapbook also, but none of my pages are as pretty as the ones you have shown here!

Prayers being sent that you'll get that dream job.



Michele said...

I love all the Easter images...just tooo cute! I tried to work part time at a scrapbook store...I couldn't, I spent all my paycheck, so I had to quit!


sumerbrz said...

Hi my name is Summer and I found your blog today. I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts. I am making my second scrapbook ever and I really, really like what you are doing with yours. In one of your posts you wrote that you are selling some of the layouts you have made. I LOVE the red mushrooms, green background, owl in the tree layout that was inspired buy your moms love for mushrooms. I LOVE THIS ONE!! I would like to purchase this layout from you so please contact me if you are interested. If you no longer have this layout for sale please email me the name of the company who makes this paper. Keep up the beautiful work and thank you for posting all of your crafting greatness for everyone to see.
:) Summer

Loretta said...

Lindsey, I wish you all the best getting that job! You should put a "link" to your blog page on your resume; that would decide the boss for sure to hire you! I just know it! Pretty soon I'll be making something from your tutorials! Right now I'm busy with sewing, which is my first love. If I make anything I'll be sure to link back to your blog!

Loretta said...

Oh my goodness; I just noticed the DATE for this post; it's July 2009!!!! I thought it was recent. Lindsey, did you get the job? I wonder if you did...I guess I should begin at the beginning of your blog posts...tee...hee...

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