Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vintage love

We truly are blessed with flea market's here in Southern Missouri. If you enjoy flea marketing then you really should make a point to come! We always have flea markets to go to. We always have a favorite booth to check on. We have made friends with several employees. Some a little odder than others. The oddest one's were these two guys that showed us their Halloween pictures from last year!

I have been admiring this embroidered blanket top for weeks now and I finally decided I had to have it! Another future project of mine is too learn how to embroider!

Everyone should have a flea market buddy. Preferably one that likes different things than you. Mine of course is my Mom (Twyla). I would have missed out on this gorgeous black, gold and aqua ric rac had she not been with me. You just never know what you might miss.

My Brother gave me these beautiful cards . I am very lucky to have them both looking out for me!

You have read my past posts about the Valentines I have bought then you probably already know this but I am obsessed with them! I adore them.
Last Saturday we were at the flea market where I have purchased most of them. The ladies that work there are very familiar with us from having to pull off so many price tags on the cards. The owner had saved back a huge box full of vintage Valentines until we came back so that I could get first pick! There were probably about 200 in all but I managed to control myself to about 28 of them.

Mom (Twyla) found this adorable pink kitty today to add to her shelf.

I found a box of Gurley candles at a garage sale for only $3.00!

They are so cute! I had never heard of Gurley candles until I visited Barbara of Oodles and Oodles blog and noticed that she had those listed as one of her favorite things. I looked them up on ebay and discovered how precious they are! So thanks to Barbara I probably would not have even noticed these cuties!

I also found this sweet figurine at a garage sale.

Lindsey Ann of The Cross-stitch House gave us this beautiful blog award.

The rule is to share 6 things that make us happy and pass it on to 6 other creative bloggers

1. Flea markets

2. Our dogs Muffin and Spencer

3. Coming home from work!

4. Crafting

5. Vintage planters

6. Reading blogs!

We are passing this award to:

Creative Breathing

Kathy of Kat Collects

Jill of Bittersweet and the Little Soap Company

Patty of Pipstitch

Michelle of Michelle Palmer Petals and Palettes

Tammy of Art and Inspirations

We were honored to accept from Patty of Pipstich, the Fabulous Fall Decor award. Now we are to pass it onto six others:
MaryEllen of ArtKissed

Deb of Garage Sale Gal

Kim of Happy at Home

Michele of Country Vintage

Patricia of The Unfinished Flower

Suzie of Suzie Button Creations


Stacey said...

Everything you got is so sweet! Lindsey, just think, some day you won't even be able to find those Valentine's at the flea market anymore. You will have quite the collection!!

countrygirl3031 said...

Good morning ladies ~ Thank you so much for the fall decor award...I will display it proudly!

I absolutely love your Gurley candles. My mom had so many of them, I wish I had known about them and saved them!


Pieceful Bits said...

Luv those valentines!! I have that ric rac but in red/black/gold and silver/black. I like the aqua that you found.
Have a great Sunday,


Hi Girls :)
I want to go to the flea market with you guys!!! Lindsey, how could you ONLY buy 28 of those vintage Valentines??? I have some gurley candles if you look on one of my post. I have Halloween, Christmas and Easter ones:) They do make a person smile. Lots of great treasures you girls get:)
Thanks for the award:) Very kind and I appreciate it. Must be a post in today as husband is having surgery on Tuesday..Talk to you soon.

Lindsay-ann said...

Can I come to a flea market with you please? I really enjoyed seeing all your wonderful vintage finds. Those Valentines are gorgeous. Did you find any Barbie things for your collection Lindsey? You have made me want to go bargain hunting right now!

KatCollects said...

Thank you so much for the award! I am going to put it on my blog as soon as I send this : ) You both found some great things, LOVE the aqua ric rac. I want to go shopping with you : )

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

That was QUITE the Gurley score - I'm so glad you got them! I don't have that Halloween candle, and not nearly that many deer. Once you start looking for them, you'll find them. They always make my day!

Tammy said...

Hi ladies! You are both so sweet to pass on this award on to me. I feel so honored. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog archives and again think it is so neat that the two of you share some of the same interests. Lindsey, I swear yu look like your 15 girl and if so than I am doubly amazed.
Hav a lovely Sunday evening.

Suzie Button said...

Thanks so much, Twyla and Lindsey for the award! You're sweet! I LOVE everything you found on your flea market hunt! I mean LOVE all of it! The figurines, the valentiens, the trim, all so wonderful! I'd love to spend the day flea marketing with you two! Suzie

Happy @ Home said...

I enjoyed seeing all of the adorable things you both found. It must be a lot of fun to go to your flea markets.

Thank you so much for the fall decor award. You are both so sweet to think of me.


Shanda said...

The candles are so cute. It seems like companys would start making some of the great old things we .love so much.

Dawn said...

Oooooo! -- I LOVE everything you posted today! What a stupendous find.

Patty said...

That rick rack is great! Thanks so much for the award!

cindy said...

What an awesome stash of vintage valentines...I have a thing for those myself! And love the embrodery goods too!


Heidi Ann said...

I love absolutely every single thing you showed us! That rickrack is AWESOME! And the candles! That little black cat looks like a rare one. Fabulous stuff!

Michelle Palmer said...

What great Valentine's!
Thank you so much for the award~ It's so nice of you...
As soon as my journal give-a-way is completed I'll post with the award!
I'll also try to scan/photo my small collection of Valentine's...and share them with you through a posting~

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

Alex said...

Hi Twyla...congratulations on your two awards. Hope you had a good day. :)

Sherry said...

You guys find the best stuff!! I'm so jealous!!

Congrats on the awards!!

Hilda said...

Hi! Congrats on your awards!! Cute stuff you pictured today!

Angela Harris said...

Really coo finds. I especially like the rick rack and bambis! Cute :)

Pearl said...

Another fun post! I collect Vintage Embroidery, as well as doing some needlework myself... And, I just Love, Love, Love the precious deer candles... toooooo cute!!!


GardenofDaisies said...

Just reading through some of your older posts and noticed that you collect the little gurley candles deer! So do I! I bring them out every Christmas. (I have been having fun reading through past blog posts.)