Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Saturday morning I tore off my little Mary Engelbreit calendar and saw an illustration that I had not seen before.

I loved it so much and love the sentiment behind it. I do believe that this blogging outlet gives us the opportunity to do just that. We, as women, can share with each other our life experiences and help one another who might be going through similar situations. Even it’s just a crafting tip or helping someone cope with tragedy. What a huge light we can shine on someone else’s life.

I have found friends that I would have never known existed if it had not been for starting our blog. It overwhelms me that other people care about what we are doing and take time out of their busy (I know you are) lives to read what we have to say and to leave a comment. I consider you some of my dearest friends even though we are not near. Our connection is so real.

We received an award last week from Lindsay at The Cross Stitch House. It is for Blog Friends Forever. How could we possibly pick just five? We are very honored to be given this award, but it is too hard to choose amongst our friends.

One of those friends is Kathy of Kat Collects. She is doing a gorgeous give away this week. To look at that beautiful pile of pink makes me weak in the knees! Be sure to go take a look.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I have a huge collection of magazines. It is my belief that whoever dies with the most, wins. Heidi Ann from Gold Country Girls has convinced me that I don’t stand a chance. Anyway, I have a cupboard that was full of magazines.

I didn’t think I would ever show that picture, but this is a before and after. It gets better.

I was running out of room to display all my pretty planters and figurines so one day Lindsey said, ‘Why don’t you take all those magazines out and show off your planters there?’ Wow, I’m glad I have a creative thinker in the family. I have started clearing the shelves, but it is going slowly because I enjoy these magazines and can’t help scanning them as I pack them up (you didn’t think I was getting Rid of them, did you!).

Here are some pictures of a couple of shelves as they are now.

This week I met a wonderful new lady named Stacey. She has a blog called Poofing the Pillows. If you haven’t met Stacey yet, pop on over and introduce yourself. She’s very friendly and you’ll enjoy your visit.

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts,
And we are never the same. –Anonymous

Wishing you much happiness! Twyla


Patty said...

I love seeing your planters! They are so cute. I also loved seeing all of your Halloween decorations so I've given you a Fabulous Fall Decor award.

Lindsay-ann said...

I loved the illustration from your calendar. It symbolises all us bloggers and the support we can give and receive. Your planters and figurines are gorgeous. I save my magazines for years and years too but I haven't as many as you!

Stacey said...

You are so sweet and I totally agree with you. I am so enjoying this blogging addiction. People who do not blog just have no idea! :)

Robyn said...

Oh Twyla - LOVED seeing that stack of mags, I'm the same way!!! Can't stand to throw ANY of them out. They are well loved until they are falling apart!!
Have a great day!

TattingChic said...

What a sweet post, I feel the same way about blogging. I love the after picture, but can understand the before picture, LOL!

Sherry said...

Your planters are all so cute! I have been getting some to give as Christmas gifts to the kids. I hope the appreciate the "vintage" items as much as I do!

Have a wonderful day!!

Hilda said...

Twyla, your shelves are looking great. The planters are so adorable!

Dawn said...

Thank you, thank you for the blogging happiness. You both inspire me with your loving thoughts and your gorgeous posts! Thanks for sharing all of that blogging love.

Dawn said...

ohhh. BTW -- I tagged both of you.

Heidi Ann said...

Your shelves look great - I love your collections! And of course I understand about the magazines- but, you never know, we could very well be tied for the Queen Of Magazine-Hoarding!
I know what you mean about making new friends through blogging - isn't it wonderful?!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Twyla ~ I love all your planters..they are just too cute!

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with a ton of magazines!!! I can't part with mine either!!!


Knot Garden said...

The shelves look lovely and display your treasures perfectly.
The greetings card in your picture is so pretty!


Hi Twyla (and Spencer and Muffin!),
It is so funny when there is a stream of consciousness or theme connector that happens. I finally finished painting my bookcases yesterday and that means organizing and editing what goes back on them including my pile of magazines (Metropolitan Homes dating back to 1991!). Where are you relocating yours?
Lisa & Alfie

Alex said...

Good evening, Twyla. I hope you had a good Tuesday. :) I just love the Mary Engelbreit picture. Alot! May you have a beautiful Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the Barnie news!! :)


Hi Twyla,
I so agree with your comment about meeting such nice gals thru the blog...I NEVER thought that would happen and you are ONE :) Love looking at your collection. How many do you have?? You WIN with saving magazines :)
Oh, the pumpkins arrived and are sitting so smartly on a desk in the living room..THANK YOU.
Deb :)

Robyn said...

Hello ladies! Wanted to let you know I am passing the I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD on to you! PLease stop by to get it and follow the "tag" directions! Have a great week!

KatCollects said...

I love that quote Twyla, and you have definitly been a light for me : ) The planters look great on your shelves, every time I see baby planters now I think about you. And thank you for mentioning my giveaway, I hope you are having a beautiful week!

Happy @ Home said...

I agree with you about blog friends and you are one of the best.

Good idea to display your cute planters on those shelves. They look so nice there.


Shanda said...

Your right about the friendships and blogging. I have made many new friends I would have never known if it were not for blogging.
You two are great and god bless you.

Tammy said...

"Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts,
And we are never the same. –Anonymous"

I just love that and also the Mary Engelbreit pce with the wonderful saying on it. So true...

I am so glad you visited my blog via wonderful Vanessa at the Fanciful Twist. I too will be back in regularly to check in witth you two ladies. What a fun thing to share with one another.

creative breathing said...

I am so glad you found me! A mother-daughter crafting duo, how wonderful! My daughter does not like anything at all cute, but she love me and loves that I am all about the cute. We have weather together! Your blog is just a happy place to visit. I'll be stopping by often! Elizabeth