Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hello Friends! We are getting the house all decorated for Halloween. We have to consider where we put things like never before because Spencer loves to chew on things.

Got this lovely swap package from Patricia of the Unfinished Flower. She was such a sweet swap partner. She was my partner for the Sweet and Sinister Swap.

I loved the things that she made for me. The rules of the swap were
that everything had to be black and white. Patricia did a wonderful job of interpreting the rules. Thank you.

This week we will be celebrating my son’s birthday. For his birthday last year, I gave him a night at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Of course, the best part was that I was taking him and got to stay too! Guess what he is getting for his birthday this year?!

We had such a wonderful time last year that we wanted to do it every year. Eureka Springs is such a quaint little town and we go whenever we get a chance.

I’ve been making house shoes for special Christmas orders. I am not having time to get any listed in our etsy shop, so if you’d like some, just contact me and let me know what you need.

I love getting comments (don’t we all)! One of the great things about getting comments is that you get to see some new blogs that you might not have otherwise found. This week I had a sweet comment from Melissa, of Sunbonnet Cottage. I took some time to go back through her archives and enjoyed getting to know her very much.

Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. - unknown

Wishing you much happiness! Twyla


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Twyla
I enjoyed seeing all your lovely halloween swap goodies. My favorite is the Boo shoe. The Crescent Hotel looks beautiful. I hope you enjoy your stay there this week and hope your son has a good birthday.

Robyn said...

WOW Twyla, you were definitely spoiled by your swap partner, but then, you deserve it! The photos of the Crescent Hotel are incredible - I'm longing to go away for a day or two as well, have a great time!

Linda Lou said...

What a beautiful place Eureka SPrings is, and a great place for you and your son to celebrate his BDAY!! Love the black and white apron you got...happy Halloween Decorating.


I just discovered her (Sunbonnet) this week as well. She's lovely. Your swap was a definite score!
Lisa & Alfie

Heidi Ann said...

What delightful things you received in your swap package! I have read and heard about Eureka Springs for years - always thought it sounded like a wonderful place to visit! My Grandma was born in Arkansas - perhaps one day my sisters and I will be able to make a trek there.

Dawn said...

Your black & white swap is pure loveliness.

I love that we get to share so much of ourselves with others in this vast blogging world -- thanks for sharing your passions with us!


AWESOME swap treasures!!! Love the black and white theme and very cool stuff:)
Looks like a nice place to take your son for his birthday. Nice pic of you two.
Hope you are enjoying your day off.
Deb :)

Knot Garden said...

I think black and white is a really cool combination for Halloween. Great swap goodies!
Happy birthday to your son.

Alex said...

Hi Twyla...hope you're having a good week. ANd wow...what lovely and cute items from your swap buddy!! :) And those photos are lovely!

KatCollects said...

Hi Twyla,
The hotel is beautiful and how special that you get to spend time with your Son. I love all your swap goodies, so fun. I was very happy because I found a black metal wreath holder at a quick run to the store today and put your wreath you made me on it and it looks beautiful. I am loving all the house shoes, I know my family is going to love theirs. I will probably be living in the ones you gave me quite abit for a little while, I have a lovely foot injury and a walking cast on since yesterday. By the way, everyone loves the pumpkins you sent me!!!

MaryEllen said...

Hi Twyla,
Just stopping in to say hi, I always love reading "Twyla on Tuesdays" even if I don't always get to leave a message!
You are still amazing! I don't know how you do it! I look forward to seeing some of your Halloween Decorations!!!
Thanks for ALWAYS reading my blog, I love your comments!
have a great rest to the week!

Anonymous said...

Your Halloween Swap looks like fun.
You got some cute items. I like the Boo pillow.

What a nice birthday present for your son. You are a great Mom.


Happy @ Home said...

What fun things you received from your swap partner.

Happy Birthday to your son. I can tell by the picture that he belongs to you :-) I hope you do a post about your time in Eureka Springs. I have heard a little bit about it and thought it sounded like somewhere I would like to visit. Have a great time.


Patricia said...

Dear Twyla,
Lovely post for Tuesday. I can't thank you enough for showing my swap items on your blog and I am happy you like them so well. It was a fun, fun time.