Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It is a chilly fall morning here in the Ozarks.

I would like to start off my post by wishing Sherry a very Happy Birthday today! Hope you have a fantastic day, you deserve it, Sherry!

It is my day off and you know what that means – I worked harder than ever. I cleaned the kitchen and did a load of dishes, did 3 loads of laundry and cooked dinner for Hub. He works nights so our schedule is really screwed up. Oh yeah, I even had to go do the grocery shopping for the week, since I didn’t get to it this weekend. I’m not complaining. I wish this was my life everyday, but 4 days a week I have a job. Those are the days I come home and have the perfect excuse to just sit and knit.

I did manage to create this little crocheted pumpkin for my son. He loves pumpkins.

I’ve also been busy with some of my projects for the Halloween swaps that we are involved in. Here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on.

Spencer was up to his usual antics. He loves to lay on cool surfaces so these marble top end tables are too tempting to him. He has an appointment with the groomer. It will be nice to see his eyes again. We are also hoping he will be a lot smaller.

This week we received a package in the mail that Lindsey had ordered from Angela Harris’ etsy shop. Angela sent along these extra goodies just because she is so sweet.

One blogger friend that I am getting acquainted with is Alex of My Quill and Pen. She is a talented card maker and sells them in her etsy shop. She has been going through a dark valley of sickness and is now starting to recover. You should stop by her blog and say hi and wish her all the best. She is a sweetheart.

We were given a very sweet award this week by my friend, Patricia of The Unfinished Flower. It is always an honor to be awarded and we thank you Patricia for thinking of us. We would like to extend this award to these lovely ladies who I always look to for inspiration and friendship:

Angela Harris

Deb of Garage Sale Gal

Kathy of Kat Collects

Victoria of Vintage Tea

Alex of My Quill and Pen

Time goes by so fast. It is 92 days until Christmas. I so want to hand make all my presents, I better get busy! If I can’t make everything maybe I can shop on etsy, where I can find other beautiful handmade items made by talented women who just want to make their living by crafting. I would rather do that than give all my money to stores. I don’t mean to preach, just am feeling like maybe I would like to give my money to other women just like me. Besides, sometimes I get really stressed when I can’t get everything done in time. There have been times when I had to stay up half the night knitting house shoes for Christmas presents.

Out of the strain of the Doing, into the peace of the Done. – Julia Louise Woodruff

Wishing you much happiness! Twyla


countrygirl3031 said...

Good morning Twyla...Congrats on your award! Spencer is just too cute! You're right, you can't see his eyes!

Hope you're having a great day off!


Alex said...

Good morning, Twlya. Thank you for the award and the sweet things you said about me. I appreciate it. I'm not doing much today...feeling yucky. =/ I did manage to box up your package and will get it shipped off as quickly as I can. *hugs*

Dawn said...

UGH! 92 days!?!....are you kidding? I, too, just finished crocheting a pumpkin and now you're telling me that it should probably be Christmas stuff that is flying off of my hook?!?...

Your pumpkin is adorable and the yummy plate of food looks like a platter of delicious comfort food!

Angela Harris said...

Hi girls! Oh THANK YOU! so much for the Award. Congratulations to you too.Your very welcome for the extras. I'm also going to work on getting Christmas shopping done on Etsy. You're very right about spending your money on woman's creations just like ourselves. Amen!

Dee Light said...

Looks like you've been busy!! Isn't Halloween fun, I need to get started decorating. And dinner looks yummy. I hope you had time to rest on your day off.

Vintage Tea said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you for awarding lil old me!!!

I will post it this week.

Love your crocheted pumpkin - so cute!

Victoria x

Knot Garden said...

I can't believe it's only 92 days to Christmas. I'm never ready for Christmas!
The pumpkin is really sweet and I love the twig stem.
Maybe Spencer will feel cooler when his fur has been trimmed.


Hi Twyla,
Thank you for the award :) and Congrat's to you. You are very creative:)
Love the pumpkin you made..maybe you should sell them as they are so cute.
I'll talk to you soon.
Warmly, Deb
Your swap things look very interesting..:)

KatCollects said...

Hi Twyla, Thank you so much for the award, you made me smile : ) I will be having Sarah add it to my page when she gets home from fast pitch practice. I really appreciate your kindness and friendship. I LOVE the pumpkin you made. I have never crocheted before but recently a friend taught me how to make a crocheted rag purse made with material. Well maybe I should say tried to teach me. It looked like a canoe for a little bit but now is up to boat size, lol. I really need to finish it. And I love your idea about shopping on Etsy for Christmas, great idea, in fact I am going to email you about slippers : )

Sherry said...

Thanks for mentioning me and saying such sweet things!! Congratulations on another well deserved award!! Your dinner looks wonderful! Are those cornbread muffins? I love cornbread. I totally agree about buying from Etsy! I plan to buy what I can't make from Etsy Shops.


Linda Lou said...

Now its 91 days till Christmas, yikes, you are impressive if you can do a handmade Christmas and work 4 days a week. By the way, I finally sent your book to you, sorry, I have been lazy in getting stuff done, I wish I had as much energy as you do...let's see yesterday I took a walk with my daughter, went to lunch, went shopping, spent too much time blogging.....I usually do baking for Christmas, everything else is finding deals at Marshalls, Home Goods and TJ Maxx.


I love that saying Twyla and will be borrowing it.
I also think your crochet pumpkin is very interesting. Do you sell them on your etsy shop?
Lisa & Alfie