Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Greetings from southwest Missouri! The weather is perfect lately. Muffin is enjoying it very much.

We had an exciting weekend. We went to St. Louis with my friend Susan. We went to the art museum, the Basilica and ate lunch at the Lemp Mansion. We all came home tired, but had a great time.

My friend Susan is a breast cancer survivor. She told us almost 2 years ago that she had breast cancer and I can honestly say I never heard one negative word from her. She had the Best attitude and helped Us through the ordeal. We were heartbroken. She’s been my best friend since we were little girls and my kids think of her as their aunt.

She had a mastectomy and had to have a year of chemo and a month of radiation. She is a trooper in every since of the word. Her mastectomy was on a Thursday morning and she was back to work the following Tuesday. She runs a daycare center from her home and has for the past 25 years. She has no children of her own, but considers that she has helped to raise over 200 kids.

She also received the Silent Hero Award. She is always trying to do things to help her community. Needless to say we are very proud of her and are so grateful we have her in our lives.

I thought since next month is breast cancer awareness month, it would be a good time to tell you about my remarkable friend.

Thank you to Deb, who we had a private swap with. She sent Lindsey and I some very nice treats and we appreciated it so much. If you have not met Deb yet, you should visit her blog, Garage Sale Gal. She is always entertaining and very sweet.

Cherish each passing moment,
The laughter and the tears . . .
For days go by swiftly,
And gather into years.
- unknown

Wishing you much happiness! Twyla

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween swaps and a party

Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist is hosting a Halloween blog party on
October 18th. There is still plenty of time till the party so head on over to her blog and sign up!
I used the party as my excuse for buying more Halloween goodies today at Target! I love that store too much.
I have got some projects working for the party so it should be lots of fun.

I recently won a giveaway that Vanessa had. Meet Polly Pumpkin. She has a sad story. An evil witch turned her Father into a pumpkin! Doesn't she look sad and lonely?

She decided that the only way to get her Father back was to find a handsome prince to defeat the evil witch for her.

Polly is now headed to the ball in her pumpkin carriage in search of her prince!

Will she find her prince? Will he help her? Will he be able to defeat the witch or be turned into a pumpkin himself? Will Polly's Father be turned back or doomed to be a Thanksgiving pie? Stay tuned to this and more only here on Two Crazy Crafters!


Here are the goodies I received from Stephanie of Angelic Accents from the Four Sisters in a Cottage Halloween Swap. I love the glittered pumpkin and the cute beaker filled with candy! Also some cross stitched cuties and a beautiful tag! A package just full of Halloween goodies!

Here is what I sent her.

A pumpkin wand and black cat tussie mussie filled with with candy corn taffy.

A spooky collage!

Happy Halloween and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This was Barbie's grooviest ride! Her Country Camper! It came out in 1971. This was out at the same time as the Malibu Barbie line.

I found this commercial for it on youtube:

And here is mine from a garage sale. It doesn't have any of the accessories anymore but with the tent stuffed inside there really isn't room for much!

The dash pulls up for me to fit the Barbie in. Oddly though Ken can't drive cause his legs doesn't bend to fit.

I really feel the hippie power! I really love the design on the side. I would like to have it blown up and on my wall!

Here's the tent. It's seen much happier days! I wonder what kind of Barbie use to lay in there in here little sleeping bag.

This is an original Malibu Barbie but without her signature bathing suit. Unfortunately it's previous owner glued her hips together so she can't walk or sit.

What a wild and crazy kitchen! I love the pink owl picture!

Thanks for visiting me! See you next time!

Happy Barbie Wednesday, Lindsey

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall has come to our house except that it looks like Halloween. Our entire living room has been transformed into a haunted house. We have been thinking about Halloween for weeks now because of the swaps we have been involved in.

Also been busy crocheting pretty pumpkins to decorate with. I make these in a trio of colors – winter white, rust and orange. They make a pretty grouping.

These are my son’s, he loves pumpkins and was the inspiration for my making them to begin with. I add stems from fallen branches in the yard and a swirl of gold wire for a touch of whimsy.

Spencer had his appointment with the groomer and he came home so cute. He still does some naughty stuff, but it is easier to forgive him, ha. Actually, he is getting better behaved every day and we wouldn’t trade him for anything.

This is what I came home to the other day (the day Before he went to the groomer). He looked at me like ‘Hi Mom, what’s wrong?’

‘What did I do?’

He was so cute that I couldn’t get mad at him. He had that yarn wrapped all around him and he couldn’t get out of it. I’m sure he wished he could before I got home. Of course, Muffin, Mr. Never Does Anything Wrong dog was sitting on the couch watching, saying, ‘I told him he shouldn’t do that.’

I was looking at some blog lists the other day and noticed one called Nancy Jo. I started looking at her last few posts and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. There were pictures of Her Folk Art Pfaltzgraff collection! I had to leave her a comment and have her check out my collection. Isn’t blogging great when you can meet people with similar interests as yours? She has a beautiful blog and you should go for a visit, I know you will enjoy it.

I will leave you with this little poem.
Back on it’s golden hinges
The Gate of Memory swings,
And my heart goes into the garden
And walks with the olden things.

Wishing you much happiness! Twyla

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Saturday of flea market adventures! The weather here was beautiful and such fun to get out and enjoy the day treasure hunting.
In the first flea market booth we went into there was this cute little lamb. It matches another one I found a couple months ago but it's about half the size.

I would love to have a collection of these glasses! The colors are so me!!!!!

This is my favorite find of the day. This adorable set of snowmen candle holders. Aren't they precious? I love the pink and blue colors and shiny glitter.

I found this vintage pink ornament in the same booth as the snowmen. I am starting to see a pattern here with all of my pink finds today!

I couldn't pass up this fuuny little book. I think I will have to take time and read this story. It sounds like it will be funny.

Hello! Twyla here. These are the treasures I chose and just like Lindsey, I seem to have had my pink radar on.

We stopped by the thrift store first where I found the pink vase above. I am always looking for things that will come in handy to hold craft supplies in our craft room. We have a room designated for crafts, but unfortunately it also is storage area. It is not good when three members of this family are collectors who don't like to get rid of anything. We have big dreams and ideas of what we want our craft room to look like. Hopefully, we'll be able to show some pictures soon.

I got a package in the mail today! Always exciting and especially when I seen who it was from! None other than Suzie Button, one of my Halloween swap partners.

It felt like Christmas, I had so many goodies to open!

Thank you so much, Suzie, for making this such a pleasurable swap experience. I truely appreciated everything that you sent.

Isn't this wreath gorgeous?! She did a wonderful job.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! Twyla and Lindsey