Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We had a great Christmas and I received a few gifts for Christmas that are perfect to share with you this Barbie Wednesday!

Mom gave me this wonderful new Barbie book. I have learned a lot of new things that I find fascinating and plan to share with you all.

My Brother gave me a vintage Ken and Allen doll.

And then he gave me an original vintage Ken box! It even came with the original wire stand! It is so beautiful and in wonderful condition.
I can't begin to say how exciting that was to get.

A little birdie (me) told our friend Susan to get Mom (Twyla) this beautiful vintage Barbie outfit.

Mom is always telling me that this outfit called "Barbie Arabian Nights" # 0874 is one that she would pine over in her Barbie booklet.
So when Susan asked me what I thought would be a good gift that would remind her of their childhood, I told her this outfit.

Some of my other Christmas gifts included this Hello Kitty toaster!
So cute!

and digital alarm clock.

This vintage poodle planter and new Perfume!

This cute Juicy Couture necklace that has the cutest box!

Two boxes filled with some of the cutest vintage cards I have ever seen!

It's time to announce our first year blogaversary giveaway!
It will last for one week. Just leave a comment on any post between now and next Wednesday and you will be entered into our giveaway!

The winner will receive a set of Barbie tags and ornament handmade by me. They will also receive a pair of cozy house shoes and scarf handmade by Twyla.

Good luck to everyone!
I will pick the winner using a random number generator.

Enjoy ringing and partying in the New Year tonight, Lindsey

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Better late than never. I am sorry this post is so late, but we had an emergency with my son. It turns out he has kidney stones. He spent several painful hours waiting to see the doctor, but he is doing good today, sore, but resting. We are all tired from lack of sleep. We went to bed at 3:30!

Christmas was good. We had a wonderful time surprising each other with little gifts. I received some lovely things. My kids spoil me.

Lindsey made me this beautiful mushroom wall hanging. You remember my love of mushrooms.

I have not been making house shoes as much since Christmas is over so to keep my hands busy I have been making these little mushrooms. I made up my own pattern and I don’t count I just make each one different just as they are in nature. My kid’s stockings were full of these and they seemed to like them a lot.

Aren’t these books inspiring looking? They were gifts from Lindsey.

The pages are sooo pretty!

The new year is here and there is an anticipation that all the things we wish we could have done differently we now get the chance to do over and get it right. I, myself, hope to be kinder, gentler and more caring to those around me and those I meet. I hope to create more and be more productive.

We will open the book. It’s pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and it’s first chapter is New Year’s Day. – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy New Year,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all of our friends from Barbie!

This is a little pink Barbie tree I found this summer. The ornaments on the tree are vintage Shiny Brites that a friend at work gave me this week. He said that they used to belong to his Grandmother and that he just discovered them up in his attic.

I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends, personal and bloggy!

Merry Christmas, Lindsey

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to all the lovely people who have read our blog this year. It has been such a pleasure getting to know many of you. Today is our 1st year blogiversary. We will have a give away, but know that everyone is busy right now, so we’ll do the giveaway in an upcoming post after Christmas.

We have already had one ‘Christmas’ celebration with my dear friend Susan. Many of you know Susan as the friend I grew up with and is a breast cancer survivor.

She knows me so well that the gifts she gives me are always what I want.

This set of Hallmark ornaments that I collect.

These calico mice are Hallmarks from 1978. She knows how to pull my heartstrings.

This wonderful Folk Art Pfaltzgraff snowglobe for my collection and

a set of glasses to match.

When we were growing up we were big Beatles fans and she had this pillowcase specially made for me.

It was a fun evening. I didn’t take pictures of the gifts I gave her, but then, she likes ‘practical’ things.

One day last week the mailman brought me a special surprise. It was a sweet gift from Holly of Girls At Heart. She made a cupcake picture for me by repainting a thrift store frame and making the picture herself. She even put touches of glitter on it. It was so sweet of her and the nicest part was that she made it for me! Thank you, Holly!

MaryEllen of Art Kissed gave us the Christmas Cheer award. That was very thoughtful of her! I love MaryEllen she is such a hoot and a great artist. If you aren't reading her blog you should do yourself a favor and start!

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. – Janice Maeditere

Wishing you all the most happiest, magical Christmas ever!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's almost here!

Christmas is only a few days away! So it's time to drink out of this cute vintage Santa set I found this Summer.

And of course we are ALL ready to open presents!

I love this little drummer ornament. It has a made in Japan sticker still attached to the hanger.

I realized today that I haven't heard as much Christmas music as usual. Have you? This sweet little set of angels spell out one of my favorite Christmas songs. Noel. It also would have been my middle name had I been born on Christmas Eve like I was suppose to.

This little box of ornaments are so sweet cause each little ball is wrapped up in pink Kleenex's.

One of my favorite Christmas finds is this vintage Hallmark card holder. For me being such a collector of vintage cards having this is so neat! You can see the original price was only $2.50 and I only payed $2.00!

It was very stressful putting it together but most all pieces were there.

I was lucky enough to find this vintage apron today at a thrift shop 75% off.

These next two aprons I found last year after Christmas.

Naturally my first thought was "Oh, I can't wait to show these come Christmas!" I almost forgot them!

I hope your all having a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to see what everyone gets!
Wishing you happiness, Twyla and Lindsey