Sunday, August 30, 2009

Elizabeth's Fun Block Party

Elizabeth from Creative Breathing recently hosted a block party! She asked other bloggers to send her a 5 x 5 block that defines your blog and featuring your name and blog name and she would send you a block back.
Here is the block that Elizabeth sent Twyla (Mom). It happened to be around the time of Mom's Birthday when she sent her block.

Here is the block that Mom sent to Elizabeth. She used a vintage card image for the background and added a crepe paper rosette to make it pop!

Here is the beautiful block Elizabeth sent me! It's so lovely! I have it hanging above my bed!

The lovely back side. I really love the paper she used. It's called Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket. After receiving this block I ordered a set of this paper!

And this is the block that I sent Elizabeth. I really had a time deciding whether to send her this block featuring a vintage Barbie or to send her a block with a vintage card image but ultimately Barbie won over!

I also wanted to let you all know that we will be keeping the list of Oz party participants on our side bar permanently right below our favorite blogs list on our side bar. I will be working the next couple of days on getting the links to go directly to the party post!
We hope you have all had a fabulous weekend!
Lindsey and Twyla

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet Vintage Goodness

Hello Friends,

It's almost time for the weekend. Yeah!!
Today I wanted to share with you some of my recent flea market finds.

Can you believe I have found something else I must collect?! These cute vintage Child's suitcases! They are so sweet! I love them! I have been admiring this one for awhile at a local antique store and when we went there the other day, the booth was having a 40% off sale, so I grabbed it!!!

I love the star pattern on the inside!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to run across this one! So I just have to find one more to officially have a collection!

I have also recently discovered another new love! Irmi!!!! Irmi is a company which created beautiful wooden nursery items in the 50's and 60's. So far, I have two switch plate covers but Irmi is most well known for there wooden lamps.

I discovered these on Elizabeth's blog, Creative Breathing. She creates beautiful pincushions with these wooden figures on top. She sent one to my Mom and I admired her's so much that when I discovered my first switch plate cover I knew I was hooked! I hope to have a large collection of these some day! You should visit Elizabeth's blog to see her beautiful collection!

Our local antique shops and flea markets are starting to bring out there fall merchandise. I found this sweet little planter to start my fall decorating with!

I know Mom is usually the one to collect vintage baby planters but I saw this one and declared it mine!! I love this sweet little dog with his big pink bow!

Last year for my Birthday my Brother gave me these cute little gold framed pictures featuring Victorian ceramic images. When I took them to my room I discovered they matched the images on my dresser drawer pulls! How cool is that?! Then last weekend we were at a flea market and I spotted this big picture! It matches perfectly! My sweet Brother was with me at the time and bought it for me to go with my collection!

Thank you for looking at my new goodies!
I hope you have a grand weekend, Lindsey

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Barbie Wednesday

Anyone remember Twiggy? She was a famous British model from the sixties and the first real person to have a Mattel doll made after her.

In late 1967 Mattel came out with the Twiggy Doll. She is the same size as a Francie or a Casey doll 11 1/4 and could share their wardrobe but Mattel did create four exclusive outfits for the Twiggy doll in 1968.
Last week at a local antique shop I found a Twiggy doll in a ziploc bag for $6.99! She was clothed and even included another outfit !
The outfit from the set is called "Twiggy Turnouts". A sleeveless metallic skirted mini dress is what I got from the set.

Twiggy has the same head mold as a Casey doll just with heavier makeup.

When trying to identify the other outfit that Twiggy came with, I discovered it was actually Talking Julia's jumpsuit. This doll is based on the television show "Julia", played by black African American actress Diahann Carroll.

So here she is in her sparkly outfit! She was definitely a cute find and great addition to my collection!

Thanks for visiting me today!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drumroll please.....

Drumroll, please . . . Lindsey and I are now debuting our new banner! If you didn't see it yet, scroll up and tell us what you think! Do you like it? Does it look like us? We'd appreciate your feedback. It was designed by Kris Hurst - Blissfull Elements. We have been admirers of hers since our beginning days in the blog world. Lindsey has always made our banners and I admire her ingenuity, but she really wanted something different this time. We think it looks pretty cute!
I want to show you what I've been working on. It is an embroidered tea towel. I drew the design on the blank towel myself just using a regular pencil and used a simple running stitch for most of my design.

This vintage postcard was the inspiration for my piece. I fell in love with the image and thought it would be beautiful embroidered. My design is loosely based on this design. I used a plate to draw the circle.

I added yo-yo's because that's much easier than embroidering the flowers. I used to embroider when I was a teenager, but that was a long time ago! I am starting with simple projects. I know the stitches aren't perfect, but they are My stitches.

I also sewed on some vintage buttons.

I just made it up as I went along and I like the outcome. I will probably use it like a small tablecloth or luncheoncloth.

I hate to leave without sharing with you a new treasure. This little kitten figurine caught my eye. It's so sweet and is stamped Japan on the bottom. Really, can you have too many of these?!

I was really excited when I found this sugar and creamer set! I was even more delighted when I read the price tag! Oddly enough, they were priced separately at $3.50 apiece. They are early Enesco pieces made in Japan.

I really want to thank Everyone who participated in the Wizard of Oz Gala! It was so much fun to visit the different hostesses and see what each person's thoughts and feelings on the movie were. There was so much creativity flowing! I'd also like to thank everyone who left comments not only on our post, but everyone's post! You all made it a fun event!
Now, for the winner of our giveaway! The winner is MaryEllen of Artkissed! Congratulations MaryEllen!

I wish you all well and hope you have a most happy week! Twyla

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ Gala!

"Why don't you come along with us? We're on our way to see the Wizard now."

For 70 years children of all ages have been tripping down the Yellow Brick Road to the Merry Ole Land of Oz.

Today, we celebrate this most ambitious movie of it's time.

It pulls at our heartstrings for it's ability to make us feel like a child again.

Who could ever forget the anticipation and excitement as it draws you into it's magical land?

Let's follow Dorothy, her friends and Toto, yes, Toto too, on her journey back home.

Watch out! There will be a witch and flying monkeys that might thwart your goal.

There are parties to attend and wonderous creations to behold!

Let's put on our ruby slippers and click our heels and spend the day in Oz.

"I can't wait forever to get those shoes!"

"Only bad witches are ugly. "

"Going so soon?"

"I wouldn't hear of it."

"Why, my little party is just beginning."

I hope you've enjoyed your visit here, somewhere over the rainbow.

As the Wizard says: A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

To show our appreciation for the support for our Wizard of Oz Gala, we would like to share some Wizard of Oz treasures. To win this give away, shown in the following photo, all you have to do is bring us the witch's broom!

If that proves too difficult for you, just leave a comment on this post to be eligible to win.

"Are you ready, Toto? Let's go!"


Cast - Starring:

The Ruby Slipper replicas
Muffin as Toto
Twyla as Dorothy's feet

Set Design by:

Special thanks to Lindsey for the Exclusive Creations she provided.
Now go visit all the other Wizard of OZ Gala participants on the side bar!!!!